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I started eating primal a month ago, and I'm still bfing my 13 month old. I had 1 day where I was feeling irritable and crummy, but aside from that I feel great. I didn't notice a drop in supply and she's still happily nursing. I've lost 7 lbs, but I'm making sure to drink lots of fluids and eating healthy, so I think it's fine :)    
So excited to see this thread! My dh started eating primal a couple of months ago, and I've been doing it for just over two weeks. We're not perfect yet, but trying. I agree with going cold turkey with the kids.  Once I cleaned out my pantry, it made a big difference.
We (my husband and I) would love a Beco! I usually use a ring sling, but my husband is super intimidated by it. He loves to wear our little girl, and I think that this carrier would be perfect!
With my older 2 kids I did delayed vaccination, but they were both caught up by kindergarten. My life has changed now though, and this baby is in daycare for about 10 hours a week. So we decided to selectively vaccinate for the illness' that she could be exposed to. My ped is great and is working with us. We are loosely following Dr. Sears' alternative schedule and going in every month for a "shots only visit." That way she's not getting more than 2 per visit. So far she...
#1- 6 weeks #2- 3 weeks #3- 4 weeks It varies for a variety of reasons, and it's common for it to "ebb and flow" (pun intended) for a while
Congratulations on your sweet baby! What a lovely name
My bf babies have always done well with Avent bottles
I never packed one. I thought it would jinx my home birth. Also, I figured if I was going to the hospital I would either have plenty of time to pack one, or not care because I needed to get there fast.
Sending you good birthing vibes
My baby was super active in the days leading up to my labor. I found it reassuring. I'm sure everything is fine.
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