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4 and counting (my dd is 4 months)
I will never use a copper IUD because my mom got pregnant on one. It couldn't be removed without aborting the baby, so she wouldn't do that. She tried to carry to term and made it to 1 week before they do lifesaving measures before going into labour. The odds of this happening may not be  great, but I couldn't deal with it emotionally.   I am really out of options for BC. I think we are going to stick with the pull and pray method.
sunflwrmoonbeam, I am in Canada. I don't know if the condoms are legal to sell here, but if so, I am also willing to have them delivered here and then ship them to you. 
Ok, I have to brag! My sweet little baby girl was 11 weeks last week and she started sitting, braced on her hands. So cute! Now, she can hold it for a few more seconds, but falls when she reaches for a toy. She also braces herself up in a baby pushup on her belly and tries to kick her legs to move. She's rolled front to back several times this week too. Oh, and she has discovered how to use her hands to hold toys and manipulate them. She especially enjoys tipping over...
I haven't had aversions either, and have enjoyed some great moments, though not actual "sex" if you will. Its awesome because during pregnancy, I had almost no sensation and that came right back after she was born. But I discovered I can't relax enough to do it when she's in her swing in the other room. Sigh. My poor husband is being so patient but I know he misses it... We only had sex a handful of times the whole pregnancy.  
 I couldn't read and not give you a hug. I am not back, I have a year maternity leave. I can't even imagine trying to go back so soon, you are amazing that you are keeping it all together at all. Do you know anyone who could help you in some way, to give you a break? Maybe a neighbour who would be willing to do laundry, a friend who loves grocery shopping, a mom who likes to cook you meals etc? Something that would help lighten your daily load, without taking away family...
I'll try but I don't think I have internet access down there, so I may not be able to report until after your flight. Good luck with it though.
Mine does the shark attack too, I call it her baby bird latch because when she was small it was aimless and snappy like a baby bird. Now she can execute that move with precision though    I have been trained not to put the boob away just after she falls off in that drunk stupor. She likes her moment to use my breast as a pillow, with both arms wrapped around it. If I move to cover it too soon, she wakes up unhappy and we have to try again. But if I leave it, she...
Thanks everyone for the well wishes and the advice about flying. I am not too worried about it, DD is really good most of the time. She's a very easy going baby, so long as she is in mommy or daddy's arms.
We had midwives, so they handled her first checkups, and then we moved away from my wonderful family doctor and had to find a new one. We don't have a choice in who we get as there is a doctor shortage here, so we had to submit our names and accept the doctor they gave us. I was SUPREMELY unimpressed by her at our meet and greet. She is older, but only started her practice last year. Our visit consisted in her lecturing us about skipping the 2 month vaccines and then...
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