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Unfortunately I don't have any advice, just sympathy. I am going through a very similar time with my 7 mo old baby. It really sucks.
I don't know if this is funny but it was certainly awkward. I was sitting on our front porch with ds2 and ds(3.5 years old) was talking to our neighbor as she weeded her flower garden about 20' away from me. I hear ds say to her, "you have a big tummy". She politely says, "I'm sorry?" and he repeats himself. I pretended not to hear thinking that it would make it worse. She didn't respond to him after that and he wandered back over to me after a few very awkward...
I only have the experience of my own 2 babies but they were both round like a softball. I know that when our doctor does check-ups he checks the fontanels and feels the whole head. If it was abnormal or something to be worried about I'm guessing it would have been mentioned by now. Have you asked your baby's doctor about it specifically?
We live on a cul-de-sac with lots of kids around. I have a 3yo and a baby. There are three 6yo boys who all live within a few houses of us. Two of them, J and S are very sweet and kind and are around a lot. They come over to get Holden to come play with them in the front yard every day that it's nice outside. I either sit on the front step and knit or watch through the window. Now on to the third boy, M. I have never spoken to M's parents but I believe that only...
For the first time in my life I have new dishes. My mother got me a beautiful set while she was visiting for the birth of our baby. I'm not sure what to do with our old ugly, chipped, mismatched dishes. I think there are 2 mugs that could go to the thrift store but the plates and bowls are too chipped. I don't want to put them in the garbage. Any ideas?
I like using a pouch sling for my newborn (both of my boys actually). There's no learning curve and it's easy in and out. We don't use a bucket so he's in and out of the sling a lot while running errands. I like a mei tai as well but I don't find them as convenient for quickly getting him out of the car in a parking lot and such. They're better for longer trips or at home for me personally.
I'm crocheting my first "big" project, a baby sweater for my sweet Declan, and I'm stumped. I've finished all the separate pieces (back, 2 fronts, sleeves, hood) and figured the next step would be to sew them all together. Instead it says "Pin garment pieces to measurements and cover with a damp cloth and allow cloth to dry". What the heck is it asking me to do and why? TIA!!
I had on a nursing bra and a sarong tied loosely around my hips. It worked well for me since I was covered enough for my comfort but the midwives had easy access to my belly for checking the heart rate. It was important to me that I wouldn't feel restricted so I liked being able to tie the skirt.
That sucks about the rash. But to answer your original question, I always used to put it on while still damp from the shower and it went on smoothly.
I don't find that it works on its own, but if I put a little baking soda on after I apply then it lasts all day. Without the baking soda I'm smelly by noon.
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