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DS (just turned 3) generally knows the names of his teachers or coaches (i.e. swimming/gymnastics) after the first time meeting them. I will say that he is generally very social and I try to make a point of mentioning the names of his teachers/coaches/etc if I know them beforehand. That being said, I am AWFUL with names and am less social then DS is.
We had a similar problem with DS2, so I just give him half a jar of Earth Best prunes for a few days in a row. I don't know if Gerber makes organic ones, but I know they have at least non organic ones. I have bought the EB ones at Toys R Us and Buy Buy Baby. I believe Whole Foods also carries them.
I would just mark the sheet correctly and then if she wins donate the gc back to the classroom (maybe the teacher could give the books to someone he felt needed them). Perhaps next year it will make him rethink the contest.
I wouldn't worry about it at this point. You might try asking her to hand you a marker or crayon that is red/blue/green, etc and she might had you the right color (even if she can't tell you what color it is).
Not certain if you are still looking, but I go here... http://www.maricopaobgyn.com/ I like both Dr. Urig (male) and Dr. Mayer (female).
I live in the Tempe area and am considering switching my children's pediatrician office. I am looking for an office, that keeps the sick and well kids seperate (i.e. different exam rooms and waiting areas). Or does it really matter because the drs will see both sick and well patients? I was doing an alternate vax schedule with ds2, but the dr pointed out the drs office is pretty much the last place I want to bring my baby (schedule I was looking at would mean going in...
I like ds's underwear to be a bit bigger, so it is easier for him to get it up and down.
I was going to suggest Discount School Supply. My son's (2.5) daycare uses the colorations washable tempera paint there and we have never had problems getting it out of clothes. We bought some for home and have never had problems. I have heard good things about their liquid watercolors too (same brand).
I was going to suggest swimming or track (could also do shot put)/ cross country too. What about something like yoga? That may help her with some of the skills needed for other activities. ETA: Sorry I just re-read your post that you had already tried yoga and running. I know this doesn't fit your criteria at all, but what about a very recreational soccer team? You may consider checking out a game at your local rec league to see if there is any interest. Not as...
We took DS to the dentist around 13 months and he got his first cleaning a year later. We take him so he gets used to going. His cousin had his first cleaning when he turned 4 and already had 6 cavities. He had been taken to the dentist prior to that, but wouldn't cooperate with the check-up.
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