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Love GOT, have loved Peter Dinklage for a long time....so happy to see him in a meaty role!  And getting recognized for it.  DH and I are HBO suckers (with a few exceptions).  Storytelling is always exceptional!     I started the first book but am waiting for it  (again!) on the library's Kindle line....too hard to hold those big suckers (the real books!) up in bed at night!          
LOVE BB...and dh and I enjoy watching it since we live in ABQ, we recognize streets, etc.....funny, touching, amazing story twists that are somehow believable.  
Love to cuddle the babes and love the convenience..and it just felt right!
Rear View Mirror by Pearl Jam is my alltime fave break up song.  But I also like "I Wish I was Blind" by Bruce Springsteen for the cheater scenarios....
Oh yes, if you like HBO, especially the Wire, you'll probably like Treme as some of the same people are involved.  And I love that I learn a lot watchign it, about the culture and music especially.    And Friday Nights Lights was amazingly good.
ooh, love the stainless steel, especially the ones that bundleup!
This is so funny!  My hub is a beekeeper and we have an abundance of honey so I knew that honey was used in a lot of skin care so I thought "Why not be lazy and just use honey?"....Been doing it for a whilie now and feel good about it on multiple levels....I should have known to come look here first!   :)   I was surprised at how something so normally sticky kind of turns into this yummy rich non-sticky conditioner that I barely have to wash off...it just seems to absorb...
We also use Dr. Tasker.  We like him really well...but as parents who had a 2 yr old with LOTS of dental prob's., I liked that they also do in-house sedation.....after some traumatic experiences in CO as well as very real dental issue w/her, we appreciated their full range of services.  We like him a lot...and also like that they have TV screens the kids can watch.  Again, appreciation comes from trying to get work done on a screaming 2 yr old. 
We are also former SoCalifornian's who have also lived in SW CO.  We used to HS and are UC'ers though we birthed them all in CA.  :)    People have answered your questions re: HS and HB.  I agree with what they said.   We LOVE NM and Albuquerque. (and we have lived a LOT of places)...IMHO, it's the perfect weather (4 seasons but mild and dry....but you can have snow for excitement)...but no driving on snow which I HATED.  I love the big skies, dry air and...
hey there, nice to see this thread.   I am returning to school after a break to raise the babes...have a BA in lit but now am doing RN. My kids now are in 1st, 4th and 6th grade. I just got accepted to my local program.  Do my CNA, dosages and pharm this summer, officially start this fall.  4 semesters, graduate Dec. 2012.  Will probably quickly do my BSN soon after...maybe master's or CNM afterwards.....   I actually consider my primary vocation to be an...
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