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I was just thinking the same thing/book, also "breathing lessons" is soo great.
Mary Oliver is my absolute fave but also "the mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks, SO powerful and raw and true IMO (warning: it's about abortions--not either 'side' of the argument, just a very vivid and true exploration) also Alice Walker
Alias Grace and RObber Bride. ALso LOVE Small bones and simple murders (snippets, SUPER funny in such a sharp way...very MA) but not sure I got the title exactly right
ooh, I found this: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...umpkin+pudding has lots of ideas from last year if anyone wants to look.
Just wondering: how TF-y will your Thanksgiving table look? : I'm thinking about adding SD bread rather than the usual white rolls we make. Other than making a kinda festive water kefir (cranberry perphaps?) I'm a bit stumped. We don't have a good source for anything raw dairy-ish anymore. What are your ideas? And BTW, I do remember having a good pumpkin pudding recipe I'm pretty sure I got off of here, does anyone know the one I mean?? If so, I'd be...
just saying I love this show too....kinda feel outta the swing of it though, hoping to get back in! :
I love Vorenus too!! We LOVED Rome as well, he is an *excellent* actor and saw his journeyman show and it didn't do him any justice...,much better here on GA. I hate Lexie. I dislike Meredith but not that much. But really really hate Lexie....hoping to get over it. She's so annoying. I'd like some more of Christina and the Rome guy....they were great.
The UU church is great and a lot depends on the specific community but wanted to pass on our WONDERFUL spiritual experience with the Unity Church. It's similar in that it accepts most paths as different pathways to the One/Christ consciousness. I really, really love as do many of my likeminded friends. I can't recommend it highly enough. I consider myself FWIW primarily a Buddhist with some pagan leanings....I feel like all is accepted in Unity and they often...
Oh, it makes me sad to read all this about this church, but any church in general. FWIW, we have had nothing but good experiences so far and have even had one friend decide to join us. INterestingly, this friend and I both consider ourselves Buddhist, but love this church so much. Have been thinking though of joining a weekly Buddhist event. I think I"m scared to base my spiritual community in only one basket so to speak. I think another thing is taht after...
I can empathize a lot here as my kids aren't hapa, but I am. : My dh is caucasian so we have varying degrees of Asian characteristics.... My mom got that A LOT since she was the caucasian. ("when did you get her?" ect) Mostly what I KNOW isn't really a slam but feels abit like one, is how people feel compelled to comment on my kids looks, and it seems mostly because they are noticing them KWIM? and want to seem hip and cool with it. That sounds more snide than I...
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