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I love this show too. I also didn't like the murder storyline, though I have to admit I was also really grateful it wasn't going to turn into an huge, drawn out stalker plotline either. Yuk. Anyway previews of next week look promising. I love Landry. He's so cool
Hey, just joining here. It's so fun to see Rachel Griffiths in the show, brings back SFU for me. My favorite thing though is when Kevin and Kitty fight. My guess, about the vineyard friend, is that they seem to be building up to Tommy feeling weird in his marriage and new father role, and that there seemed to be this spark between them in the office. I'm waiting for him to at least be tempted by the friend....my .02 I love this show...
Your cheese looks beautiful. I'm inspired..... I have a source now for raw milk....so I should definitely try this. BTW, where are you in the Four Corners? We're on the CO end of it. Not many people out here. Did you get your cheese supplies locally?
Thanks for posting that. I'm going to give it a try, though I don't have a BM anymore. I will have to just bake it the oldfashioned way.
would you mind posting your recipe? It sounds great....
I loved "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. It's told from the perspective of the married woman, Mamah Cheney, who ran off with Frank Lloyd WRight way back when. It was wonderful, touching, engaging, thought provoking. LOVED IT>
OOh, makes me excited to try my new spelt flour I bought. Question for those more knowledgeable than I: is it a waste to use sprouted flours in SD starter recipes? Should I save it for other baked goods? I"m excited to try it. TIA!
Thanks Erinz for posting your process. I have some xeroxed Wild Fermentation. I will flip through it again. I also bought some teff flour today and am excited to try Injera....We love it. I hope I can replicate something sort of good!
It looks great. What recipe did you use?
Okay, wow, what a thread. I have a couple questions: first, is there a liink to the baked oatmeal? I'd love to try that.... second, I inherited a SD starter from my mom that's a few years old. I am pretty sure she started it from yeast, and it works pretty well. Is there any reason (NT speaking) to start up a new one? Other than just variety, which I've been thinking of anyways, or ordering one from Ed Woods' site. ALso, wanted to add that there are very...
New Posts  All Forums: