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My toxicologist DH says the New England Journal of Medicine is one of the most reputable in the world, and the connection must be pretty definite for them to publish it. Every human body responds differently to hormones, and this should be taken as a possible sign that even if there aren't outward signs of problems due to topical lavender and TTO, there could be inward . . . (P.S. DH did his PhD work on soy and how it may be chemopreventative (unless of course you have...
Trader Joe's would be very convenient for me . . . I looked at the review you linked to and it looks like it's worth a try!
Thanks everyone - cute photo in the Thirstie! Where should I check to have the small's made with a cut out?
Here it is with free shipping, it looks like it costs more then from the Charlie's site but the free shipping combined with buy one get the next 30% off might be better off in the end? http://www.sunshinediapers.com/WebSt...dc798a1a4fe199
My daughter wore the Christening dress (also a cotton/poly blend) that I wore and my older sister wore, and my mom washed it with CASCADE and made a paste to get out the 30-year-old stains - unbeliebable but true! It was WHITE WHITE WHITE. I was surprised it held up . . . then my sister's daughter wore it too! Good luck!
I knew a Jack Thomas - he actually went by both names - quite catchy! I'm due April 7, and we have a few names picked out, but we usually go with a totally different name when we meet the baby. They come named - that's our theory!
That is long! I think we'll take a wait and see approach . . . thanks!
Thanks - I'm lurking and just learned what a jellyroll is! I also wonder if i can wash our new dipes with towels or something else . . . I read that you should not wash prefolds with AIOs, but I can't remember why . . .
Oops - I was wrong. Thirsties go to 12 lbs with the cut out . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by carmel23 I wouldn't cover the cord with a diaper at all-- I would fold it down off the cord for sure. I like knowing that the cord isn't beneath a diaper/cover, so the cut out was totally necessary for me. I think having 4 of these covers was a good idea, even though she can't wear them now (at 11 lbs.). Folding down a small bummis wisper wrap kind of worked, but it would sometimes rub/bump the cord. This seemed to not be...
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