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Quote: Originally Posted by A&A I teach high school English. This isn't always true. i'm sure! but if you have a parent who cares and takes an active role in your reading and tries to help instill a love for it early on - i'd say the chances are very good that a child will end up reading quite well . . . it's too bad every child doesn't have that :
size up from a med. to a large then? i dunno my 10 pounder just sized up from the small to med. setting - took us by surprise!
dh is not excited - i'd say supportive though: ~he tackles any diaper combo - doesn't just reach for what is closest or easiest - he actually puts some thought into it which is cool ~he is hoping it will save us $ but is skeptical b/c i keep spending ~he likes how we don't have to run out to buy dipes and sometimes when he changes our ds he says - "one less for the landfill!" ~he does more laundry than me!!! love that man!
my dh was a snappi/prefold man when the orange-edge newborns fit - now he reaches for the MEOS or the Growing Green with an airflow. he wanted to like the BG one size but they have required lots of "troubleshooting" to stop the leaks . . . last night ds wore a GG with a Disana soaker - this worked great - he got up only once between 10 and 6 - so that's our new fav!
Maybe he could get hooked on a series to read or be read to? Dragon Slayer Academy Matt Christopher (sports) Junie B. (fun to listen to on tape) Geronimo Stilton A to Z Mysteries
Quote: Originally Posted by ladybug13 Just adding my yep, yep, yep here. DD is 5 weeks today and has been cluster-feeding in the evenings now for about 10 days. Lucikly, it means she's sleeping longer at night. We've had two nights now that she's gone 6 hours! Yippee!! Congrats! Oh how I want 6 hours of sleep (in a row)! We're finally stretching to 4 hours so I guess I should be thankful that in eight hours of the night we only got up once . . .
arismomkoofie - sounds like Abby will be just fine at daycare with her immune system of steel - but I know how hard it is on you mama! The first day is the worst for me and then it gets better . . . We were out at week 1 too, doudat (at Costco and a woman walked right up and touched his hand before I could stop her - arg!) - you are so right - things have to get done! neetling - do you use the hand santizer on your ds? I've been using it on the siblings LOTS and...
Sounds normal and like a nice trade off for getting five hours of sleep at night!
So I have been going out and about with Seamus - 5 weeks today - and didn't think that was a problem. I've been mostly outside with him on nice daysand avoiding crowds and protecting him by keeping him in the BH and not letting anyone touch his hands . . . BUT . . . I did take him on my daughter's 2nd grade field trip - which I realize now was not wise since the next day her teacher was out sick with STREP - eek! At his 4 week check up, his ped. did say to be...
Sorry my post sounded so simplistic and soap boxy! It gets me mad when Drs. make people think that something is wrong with their dc because of skinnyness . . . and they compare them to these uber ff babies. I also pumped at work (in a supply closet!) and I could barely get away from the classroom once a day. My supply quickly dwindled and I took fenugreek and fought and fought for every drop and managed to bf for over a year. But it is so tough - I forgot to breathe...
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