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Not really craving one particular item but I just want to eat sweet stuff and carby stuff. Right now I can't stand to look at veggies. :(
How about something like this mid-calf skirt?   http://www.motherhood.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=902130062&MasterCategory_Id=MC7
My experience with co-sleeping devices has been that my babies hate them and want to be right next to me I've co-slept with 4 babies now and never once have I woke up on top of them, but I do often wake up with them laying on me! Yes, I do think it is a pain to get the baby out of the co-sleeper to nurse and then put them back. I like to sleep on my side and nurse them. After the first couple months it's nice because they can just latch on themselves and have a...
I don't hesitate to get an early ultrasound if I am unsure of dates. My last menstrual period was in 2010 as we caught the first post partum egg this time around. It was hilarious to see the look on the nurse's face at the OB office every time she would ask me for my last period date.   I also get the 20 week anatomy scan. There are certain heart conditions that can be picked up during this scan and the baby's life could possible be saved with surgery after birth if...
Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and photos.
I hear ya! I'm 11 weeks and finally feeling human most of the time although food aversions and a strong sense of smell are still in full force. I just look bloated. None of my regular pants fit but my maternity clothes are still too huge. You're lucky that you can feel the baby that early. I usually don't feel anything until around 16 weeks.      
You could always ask a doula if she would accept $1000. Sometimes doulas and midwives are willing to adjust their fee.
I think it depends on your situation and what you're comfortable with. If you hate hospitals and OBs with a passion and are comfortable with the level of care that a midwife provides, then staying home is probably a good decision for you.   While we can never predict what will happen during labor, being comfortable with where we are IS important. To me that is priceless. Women have been deeply traumatized by poor birth experiences. If you know with all of your heart...
I think that a doula is extremely helpful, especially in a hospital setting. They not only help with relaxation and pain relief but can also be an advocate for you and a voice of reason when things get intense. I'm having a hospital birth this time and here are my reasons for hiring a doula:   1: A good doula has many tricks up her sleeve for relaxation and pain relief. It's also nice to have some reassurance. As much as I love my husband  telling me I'm doing a good...
Mine only made me feel bad if I took it orally. Taking it vaginally does not seem to cause any side effects that I notice and I take a large dose.  
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