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I have been diagnosed with GD in week 27 of my pregnancy. At what point in the pregnancy is it typical for midwives/doctors to start medication?    Thank you for anything you could contribute.
Well, there is the issue of my childrens medical records. She passed in February and if not for the need for a simple physical, we never would have known that we didn't have a doctor.  I can't imagine what a headache we would have had if we didn't have a kid eager for his drivers license!
Ok...We just found out that Dr.Devine has passed  away. We were told that there was an ad in the Reading Eagle regarding the collection of patient records.  Does anyone have this information...and who can we now see for office visits that won't boot us for non vaxing?
I am 36 and will be 37 when this baby (number 5) comes.
I am also due the 20th :o)  
 Is there anyone else other than Rising Moon and RBWC?  Thanks!
I'll share my experience...we vaccinated our first born (long before I knew about vaccination choice)  and we were exposed to the wild virus...and he still contracted chicken pox.  He had the fever, blisters and the whole nine yards, just as if the shots had not done what it claimed to do.  I wound up feeling like if this shot didn't "work" why did I do any of them at all?   Now, three children later and much more educated, my understanding of this particular vaccine...
Thanks for the reply :)      I thought I had remembered from a documentary that a farmer had used round up on his property and somehow his seeds became contaminated and Monsanto sued him for patent infringement.  I think I need to look into this further.
Please tell me I don't have a worry.  I keep an OP and heirloom/organic garden.  I use only organic/heirloom/OP seeds...and my neighbor uses Round Up.   They are pretty close to us, just right across the street..maybe 100 feet away.  They just sprayed a neighborhood sidewalk with this garbage. With all of this Monsanto evil I am worried that somehow my seeds will become freak seeds and M onsanto will come knocking at my door.
I would try drowning it with white vinegar.  I just did this with a huge comfrey plant that I had in my yard.  I used 2 1 1/2 gallon bottles of white vinegar before it worked.
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