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Has anyone had any experience with ground cherries? How do I space them and does this plant like to ramble?
Quote: North America's plan to shoot kids up with as much as possible at one time It's ironic reading this. I was just at my family doctor and read a paper that was pinned up and it read " Always ask at every appointment "what shots does my kid need today?" Just sick.
Quote: I would be hesitant to take your description and jump to "brain swelling"; Hey, just putting it out there because of it's association as a reaction after this particular shot. I highly doubt a baby will scream herself hoarse because of pain at an injection site.
Also, make a report to VAERS. This scream (if it isn't something else) was taken off the adverse reaction list and classified as "normal". This is a heartbreaking reaction that is way too often played down.
I think she is having brain swelling. I think this has been called encephalatic scream or cry. I'd go to the hospitanl to have it documented as a reaction. I don't think there is anything that you can do.
[QUOTEif they seriously believed it was meningitis they would referred you to a hospital for a spinal tap.][/QUOTE] Even if it was menengitis and the docs recommended a spinal tap and it came up positive, tehre is no course of treatment if it is viral. They can only treat the pain and offer support. My son had it 2x with in 2 months. We did not get the spinal tap.
Has anyone ever switched out soy milk for maybe almond milk in recipes? Are there any problems? Just asking because we don't use soy milk...
Oh yeah! I've had a few opportunities this summer but couldn't attend.
Try this list http://www.cafemom.com/group/4388/fo...l_id=388245970 and go get the book "Raising a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor" by Robert Mendelsohn
Hilary Butler has a great site you could benefit from. Its www.b eyondvaccination.com
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