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It is very true. Also the use of these cells have been linked to cancer risks. It has to do with reusing the same tissue strand over and over. Forgive me if I don't have the correct terminology, this is from the top of my head.
Quote: Most folks here understand that there are risks no matter what side you fall on in terms of choice here. It seems to me that the risks to being vaccinated are more devistating than any illness. I am the mother of four and I have never had any ped ever mention to me that I had an option of titers or I had the option to not have vaccines. and growing up when chicken pox was normal, I have never seen -Extended...
Quote: Dr Eisenstein does sell vitamins on his website; however, this is very new YES to this!! His site was recently revamped. He offers a ton of free advice and is always giving more..never does he pitch his products during these webinars either. This lends credibility to his advice..unlike Offitts " a kid can get a million shots in a day and be fine" ...let's see..who stands to make the real money?
Quote: I would just be a little suspect of someone telling me "Here is the solution to your problem, and oh, by the way, I happen to have it on sale!" You're really going to use that when you listed Paul Offitt as a reliable source for information? In your words..Nice Try I would love it if a doctor I trusted had products I knew I could trust.
If they had a reaction, how would you know which shot your child was reacting to? Why would you vaccinate for anything without knowing what your children were even at risk for?
Has any of this information been made available to Intact America or an other organizations?? This is beyond sick.
Quote: do you no vax moms feel totally comfortable not vaxing for pertussis esp. when you have an infant under 6mo? (since the above poster said it is more dangerous for those under 6mo) Absolutely! If my children were vaccinated and they had the WC and I weren't aware of the true symptoms, how could I properly treat the illness and take proper precautions? If I were to take an sick child with just a "bad cough or cold" symptoms, how likely would...
Dr.Mayer Eisenstien has some fantastic webinars over at homefirst dot com She will have to sign up for an account but that's painless. I am so glad to hear that people are actually looking into this subject.
What do you put in? I thought it was all said and done after spring harvesting.
Any ideas on what to do with it? I'm allergic to the pollens on the fuzz so by the time someone els gets around to picking them, they are huge!! I already have an over abundance in the freezer shredded..what else can I do with it?
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