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Well, I asked about why my zucchini was dying a few weeks ago and the thought was bacterial wilt. So, I did a wait and see experiment, and the results are in...the plant regrew nice and dandy...with zucchini growing. I will be picking it in a day or two. I did absolutely nothing to it and it reemerged
oooh, please tell about carrrots. I'm new at this and I didn't know you could do fall carrots
I would go over to beyondvaccination.com by Hilary Butler and read up on altitude therapy ans sodium ascorbate. The antibiotics are to kill the bacteria causing the pertussis. What keeps your baby sick is that the little hairs (cilia) in the lining of the lungs is destroyed by the bacteria and the baby can't cough up the accumulated mucus. They take months to grow back. I really hope for the both of you that your sweet baby doesn't have this.
Method from Target. Its marshmallow and something else (can't remember) It is so gentle and works great. It also comes off cloth effortlessly.
If anyone is interested, I found it at the Fairgrounds Square Farmers Market. They do a returnable glass bottle refill. It cost a little more than $3.50 a 1/2 gallon.
We got a package from Pumpkin although we did not get the pox. Although, my ds (17 mos) did have a bug bite looking rash coming and going right around spot sprouting time but no blisters. We just got another box today...which happens to have come about because of a box from Pumpkin.
Well, I have a horror story of my own but it was from having ds1 circ'd. At the time I gave birth, I didn't know that I had the option of not having it done. I was brought up that you just did it. I now have four children and 3 are boys. My two youngest are NOT circumcised and they have had no problems at all. This is completely not true for our oldest.
I have them now. I've been pulling the little fuzzy yellow things off everyday. My beans look just awful. I did get some neem oil but I have not sprayed the plants yet. I hope it helps them. Sorry that you have them...
My suggestion, because we are in the heat wave as well, use a crockpot to cook your dinner overnight. OR of you need to cook for that particular day, do it in the morning, if you are able.
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