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I read these posts but I have to ask, why would dtap be a consideration? I think if any of the diseases I'd be concerned about, the pertussis would be the main one. and that is tough but definately not something that can be treated and lessened (beyondvaccination.com) Why would the others be on your radar, esp the diptheria? just being nosy
Thanks everyone. I think my one zucchini is completely done. It looks so sad. I think I might be able to save the other plants for the most part. I just read how calendula keeps alot of these bugs away so I'm going to pick a bunch of the plants and blend the with some water and spray away. I'll let everyone know how that goes.
Anyone have experience with these? When did you harvest them?
I'm noticing that a quite a few of my veggie plants are dying off. I've only seen ONE of those yellow lady bug looking bugs. What should I do? I'm losing a watermelon, zucchini and pumpkin. I want to treat them with something till I get some neem this weekend. What should I do?
I pick the leaves through out the season. I dry everything then powder it in my coffee mill. I think as you harvest, you make room for new leaves.
If you are going to spend money on the sleepy wrap, why not spend the money on the insert for the ergo?
I don't know about a hysterectomy but I just watched a documentary about healing cancer. It is called "A Beautiful Truth" I was really touched by it, having several losses from cancer one being fairly recent. Check this link: http://www.gerson.org/ I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
I would go over to beyondvaccination dot com and read on the altitude treatment. This site is a blog put together by Hilary Butler. They have some awesome info over there.
Wash all the diapers with Tide free and clear ( or whatever it's called) wash them in hot, maybe 2x and wash once with no soap. I think you might have a yeast in your diapers and that's why the rash keeps coming back. I had the same problem until I switched to Tide. I loathe buying a commercial product like Tide, but we tried everything "clothy" to rid the diapers of the yeast. (vinegar, baking soda, boiling, and who knows what else) Also, if you can, find some...
Has anyone ever seen CP that didn't blister? My DS (17 mos) had exposure recently and I'm wondering about his rash. He has very faint pinpoint spots on his belly and some on his face. They have not blistered and he has no fever. The reason I ask is because I have seen some pics where the spots that were being callled "mild chicken pox" resemble what my son has only my son has fewer spots than my son has. I'd like to see if anyone has experienced a mild case maybe...
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