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I'm watching this thread from PA..would any of you be willing to ship a tee shirt or something? I'll fund the all costs )
Thanks for this. Although I admit, I know nothing of growing asparagus. I'll look into the Mary Washington type.
Thank you for that link and info. I love having these strawberries and the kids adore them as well. I would just like them for a bit longer
I am sorry to hear about your daughters teeth. I really hope you can get this figured out. Two things I'd like to offer. First, stay as far away from flouride as you possibly can. Second..I think night nursing is completely fine. I nursed all four of my children on deand...morning, noon and night. The only problem I had with teeth was my oldest sons teeth rotting out from dental fluorosis. This is over exposure to flouride. Hope this helps.
This is our second year with them They produced really well but they are a bit crowded. When we received them, they were really small and I put them in a smallish area of the yard. Maybe the spacing is our problem. Thanks!
Your doctor may give you a form, like mine did, that you can sign. Be very careful that you read the wording. The form stated that even though I refused the vaccinations, I did this knowing I would be harming my child. Please go watch the link I sent (posted) Dr. Eisenstein is a doctor and lawyer. It is great info to have.
Can anyone recommend a long season or sweet variety? Right now I have a type called "Sparkling" and they are sour! Also, they only produce for a month, give or take. Any help is appreciated.
I am thinking of starting an asparagus patch. What do I need to know? Thanks!
I am sure you can follow a religious exeption. No one is able to ask you about your religion and unlike a medical exemption, your religion can't be sent for a second opinion. Also, you can find religion at any given time, even after you have vaccinated prior. I hope this helps...please though, go over to Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's site at homefirst dot com. He has a free webinar on how to write your own vaccine waiver.
Thank you so much for this!
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