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I use hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball. Make sure it's soggy and kinda dribble it on. BTW-if she has any open spots, don't do this..it'll burn.
thank you very much! I hope I don't mess this up :0)
Can anyone tell me anything about this? I have some planted and I never grew it before. How do I save seeds from it? When do I pick it? Anything will help ) Thanks for any help
I can help you with the powdery mildew...use about 1-2 tbsp of baking soda in a squirt bottle. I kept the mildew at bay all season long on my zucchini last year. BOY were we wet, too! I can't help you with the other things, though..but your garden (and daughter) sure are cute!
Any updates? I'd like to get some pops if anyone is spotty! I'll pay it forward! Thanks
try a squirt bottle with hydrogen peroxide. It kills it for me everytime. I also use it if I find yeast with y cd's children. I use a wet cotton ball to swab their yeasties.
I sure felt overwhelmed, too. What I did is I appointed my sister responsible for getting food. I bought a gift card to a 24 hour grocery store so that when labor started, I had food ready for us and the midwives. This was just incase I was broke the week of delivery. As for the cleaning, there is no easing a mother's mind on this issue..we will just clean, organize...start all over. Have fun with it!
I am in Berks..you can Pm me if you would like.
I also live in the PA near Lancaster where we have Amish. I have not heard one thing about any measles or dying. Also, my ped told me specifically that there has been no polio for over 40 years and the only polio realted issues came directly form the vaccine.
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