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Perhaps because she's standing far off to the right of the poster. You can barely see her. She was pretending to be Vanna White - hilarious :P Uploading images from my phone so some are cut off probably. *shrug*
(my kiddo standing beside it lol) From afar, but I'm filling in the white spaces with affirmations...I actually feel satisfied with my map for once. In the past I've always felt maps were a bit "off"...so excited about this one!!! Beautiful maps, everyone!
It's April 5th and I still haven't solidified my map. I've been procrastinating ...perhaps that's something I should address on this one
It's my one day off and I spent it gathering, doing activities I love, planning meals/yoga routines, and nourishing my girl and me. She's only 6 but she remembers TM time from prior years I flipped through two magazines today and saw a few phrases that jumped out, but nothing majorly calling to me yet. Tomorrow is another day.
I always seem to go through relationship splits around this time of the year. It's so bizarre. This is the 3rd relationship that has ended RIGHT before TM time over the past 6 or so years I've been doing this.   Interesting.
It's been such a bizarre and powerful year full of unexpected changes and HOLY INTENSITY, BATMAN.
Glad I jumped on here. I assumed it was in April again, but decided to check in and it's just over a week away... Time to pull out my map again and look things over...
I'm a single mom of a 6-year-old... her dad and I agree on most parenting topics - however, I want to outline things for when I'm out of the country (midwifery internship overseas for 2 months).   I want to outline diet, vaccination, school, limit TV, etc etc etc.   Anyone have a link to forms or anything that will make this process a bit easier?   Thanks!
    Green leaves ARE sprouting... Things on my map:   "A special event calls for an extraordinary destination" (I was awarded a scholarship to attend SQUATfest in San Francisco! AND I was awarded a discounted ticket to Burning Man in Nevada)   "Recognized blogger" (a few of my pieces were published in SQUAT Birth Journal's summer 2013 issue!)   "Learn to take a compliment" (I'm dating a man who compliments me all the time and does it in a way that I can accept it and it's...
Burning Man mama here too... this'll be my first year... looking forward to it.. and reading this thread :)
New Posts  All Forums: