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I've sworn my dd has done this a few times as well, but always have dismissed them as coincidences. Like maybe the same thing that turned my train of thought one way, did the same to her. I can't remember any specific examples though. Weird.
I haven't read all the responses, but if you are looking for more "real life" applications of math, you could do quilting (for geometry and trigonometry), circuit building for logic, poker for probability, or computer programming. You might need to find someone else to teach some of that stuff, or you could learn together. I'm a computer programmer and I think teaching logic (not, and, or, xor) is a big hole in the general math curriculum, and I think it is something...
I'm now a week past due. My first came 3wks early so this is very very different for me. I have been having tons of BH, but I've been having them for the last 6 months so its not anything new. I've had a little bit more discharge, and one night I thought I had some real ctx, but now I'm wondering if I just dreamed it, other than that nothing. I didn't get checked last week, but I will tomorrow. I'm having a hard time still being pregnant.
I've made some footed pj's and diapers. Here are some picks of the pj's. http://bangerlm.blogspot.com/2009/04...d-pajamas.html
how are your iron levels? I started eating some sort of beef everyday and my energy level has picked up and I feel like I can last another month whereas a week ago I was hoping this one came at 37 weeks like my first did. I also am doing hypnobabies and the scripts always make me feel more positive and patient.
I've been having them since the beginning of my second tri. I had them early with my first as well, but didn't realize what they were for a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by Veritaserum I personally didn't imagine the electrical cable and such. I simply accepted that when I told myself I was off, all of my muscles "turned off" and relaxed with anesthesia flowing. When I was in center, I would stay relaxed but be able to move. Instead of imagining a lightswitch, I saw big, bold print words of "Off" or "Center" or "On". This is what I do. I must say that the second time around (I did...
I have been craving more carbs and started eating more beef and it has helped tremendously. I think its the combo of protein and iron.
From hanging out on my dd's birth board I don't think it is completely unusual, but at the same time not extremely common, for a 2 year old to know colors and letters and like to "read". My dd does as well. I think there is a huge variance when they are so young. I think lots of development charts list things when the majority of the population have achieved the skill thus lots of kids do things earlier than "average". As for activities my dd loves the magna doodle...
Let the baby fall asleep on your chest and sit down and read a book and congratulate yourself for being a great mother.
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