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Mine felt like a tightening in my back. I did hypnosis and I labored in a tub most of the time. They really weren't too bad at all. When it was time to push it felt like i touched an electric fence, kind of convulsing my body. I pushed for an hour and a half. I was really tired.
I just made this one, it is kind of thick but it is cute and different http://laurabangerter.servehttp.com/...et_longies.htm
I've noticed on some of the threads comments about cotton layered on top of PUL causes wicking problems. I might be having this issue, but I'm not sure. Could someone explain why this happens and how to resolve it? Thanks. -Laura
Hint on the serger. Don't pull the chain of thread you make when your done sewing either. I broke mine that way when I first got mine, but I did manage to fix it myself. I wrote a little blurb on how I fixed it here just in case anyone ever wants to try fixing their own serger. http://bangerlm.blogspot.com/2007/01...ir-how-to.html
I made some using a whole bunch of different fabrics and the ones I liked the most were with a french terry outer, regular terry middle, and flannel inner. These seem to be pretty trim, and soft, and you can get all the fabric at joanns.
I got "The Complete Serger Handbook" by Chris James at the library and found it very useful. It helped me get my serger running when I didn't even have the manual.
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