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Bump bump!
12 days on average for the past 5-6 years now.
Your hCG levels stop doubling every 48ish hours starting around the time they hit 1,000+, they slow down more so when they hit 10,000+. Your doubling rate is 79.2 hours, which sounds good to me!
I find it odd that when my AF is basically over with (I always spot for a day or so following end of actual bleeding) .. that when I drink RRL, my spotting increases and I pass a bunch of clots and such. I just had a chemical pregnancy last week (verrrry early on), and my spotting was very minimal today. But I drank two cups of RRL and bam, spotting dark brown and passing clots about the size of a quarter or so. Does anyone else notice an increase in what you pass when...
Some women have slow to rise temps, but most women can confirm ovulation to the day with charting (except for some with medical issues). That said, to answer the OP - I get cramping 2-3 days before O every cycle without fail it seems like. I don't cramp much the day of ovulation, but I do the couple of days before it.
It's dang near impossible to be two weeks late unless.. you are pregnant, you didn't ovulate at all or you ovulated later than you think.
WOW. So, not to be nosey but I have to ask, sorry. You DTD a day or two prior to his V then, in order to conceive this one, I think? WOW again! Amazing.
Well, I am 27 now, but DH and I began TTC when I was 18. We conceived our twins a couple of months before I turned 19. Good luck. If you ever want to chat more, feel free to PM me.
Delurking - I couldn't read this post and not reply. Lots of prayers & hugs for you!!
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