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sometimes while I am holding him over the toliet/sink-  he will root- and really show that he wants to nurse.  I'll let him latch on.  he'll nurse for maybe 20-30 seconds? then pop off- grunt and poop.  those are the explosive ones!!!  maybe it hurts a little on it's way out and he wants some major comfort nursing for a few seconds...??? not sure.     the "explosive" poops are slowing down- maybe bc he's getting older. but my little one poops everyday-...
thank you!  i really like the butter bear ones.     i've never made diapers- i don't know how you would tie-dye the cover part- isn't it a water proof material? i thought you  could only tie-dye cotton? or silk?   i would love to sew and dye my own...i'm just not that crafty.  (yet?)  :-)   thanks mommas!      
Anyone make or sell or know where to find some really cute tie-dye diaper covers?
oh yeah- both my babies have wanted to nurse- even just a little bit- when they need to poop.   not sure if there's something physical about it- or just comforting?
I love reading your experiences. very similar to ours. my now 5 year old noticed the other day that the barn swallow birds that live on our front porch- have bird poop all under the nest- on the porch.  she asked me why there was so much poop.  I said, "because the babies don't want to poop or pee in their nest.  like the way we don't poop or pee in our bed, or on the couch, etc." she was thoughtful for awhile...then she said,  "is that why we pee and poop little...
Could you post a link to it here?  I can't find it.  Thanks Momma!
my 6 week old son will do this when he's not hungry.  (but I offer the breast- because that's usually the first thing i offer when he's fussy) usually he needs to pee-  or just wants to change positions (like go from laying down to being upright) sometimes he needs to burp- then he'll nurse.   good luck!
Guffee   my grandfather's middle name... he hated it... My Dad didn't even know the name until his father was dead. He mostly went by the initials A.G.  (first name Aaron)  
Thank you!
Just looking for some like-minded mammas to hang out with...   Due with our 2nd child in May-  I don't know anyone pregnant right now... We have a 4.9 year old dd also.   peace!
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