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omg- that's funny. i've never heard "god's birthday" we hear about "jesus' birthday" around here a lot. Which is funny to me- since scholars think Jesus' birthday was probably in March or April. "What is god?" is a difficult question. Definately one that people from all philosophical and religious beliefs could talk about for a long time. I think I'll teach my dd that it's up to her to decide what it is or if it exists.
Question- are the bucket ones *really* okay for up to 4 years old? If so- I like this option. What do you think Granolalight? Would E. like it? I know M. would.... They run about $50 We could buy 2 of them- see what happens...?
Question- are the bucket ones *really* okay for up to 4 years old? If so- I like this option. What do you think Granolalight? Would E. like it? I know M. would....
oooooh- good question. i like that book, too- WuWei- we have it and another one called- "What Is God's Name?" written for "all faiths" "endorsed by protestant, catholic and jewish religious leaders"- we aren't any of those- but i want my dd to be familiar with the term. we are unitarian universalist- and we ask that question all the time. our dd is only 23 months- but i'd imagine we'll tell her about the greek and roman gods...the ancient goddesses...all the...
Our church doesn't have an outdoor swing for babies or toddlers. Can anyone recommend their favorite? We are a small church. Nothing fancy. or terribly expensive, either. We plan to purchase 2. Thank you Mommas! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
kmeyrick- I totally agree! I teach junior high. I think every month should be black, women, hispanic, etc. month. I don't make a big deal out of it...for the same reason. We have very few minorities in our school- and in the past they have felt singled out- "We have to celebrate this stuff because of you???" So I do Black history month every day... so to speak. I do Women's history month every day... so to speak. I'm glad I'm not alone. :-)
I am a public school reading teacher. (junior high) We use several different methods of measuring a student's reading level- If the school uses a program called Accelerated Reading "AR" then your child will take a "STAR test" to determine his/her reading level. This gives you a grade level. If the school uses Scholastic Read 180- then he/she will take the SRI. (Scholastic Reading Inventory). This one gives you a lexile level. Both tests are "fill-in-the-blank"...
A Big HUG to you Momma- You are human. You are NOT alone. We are all in this together! Take care of yourself...You are important, too.
Cativari- My dear sister in the world of mothering...you are not alone. I don't have much advice- since I only have one dd- 23 mo.- except that she is not sleeping as predictably at this time either. She has some new teeth coming in. They must hurt terribly. She is becoming aware of "Pee-Pee" more and more. I think my DD's erratic sleep patterns right now are because of normal, growth and developmental stress. Be patient with your little one. It sounds really...
Ahhhhh consistent wake up time! I have to do that for my job....and leave my dh and dd snoozing soundly every morning... I bet that would fix the nap and night-night thing.
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