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General fyi- here's a good resource for finding a chiropractor who is properly certified for working on children: http://www.icpa4kids.org/locator/index.php
Taking the time to teach and parent means different things to different people. I'd rather my kids have a safe place to explore freely than have a picture perfect living room. I'd rather cage the tree than the kid, but that's just me.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrose_lee Is it safe for baby to wear an amber teething necklace at night? Thanks! jessica I would not take the risk.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering Already covered on this thread. Genetic problems aren't likely in a random occurrence of incest, as opposed to multiple generations of it. And besides, what about parents who knowingly conceive despite knowing they have a high chance of passing on a genetic disease? That isn't illegal. People with inheritable mental and physical disorders have kids all the time. As for social stigma, again, one could argue that...
Quote: Originally Posted by liliaceae I think incest between CONSENTING ADULTS should absolutely be legal. Okay, I think my eyeballs have returned to their sockets. You can't enforce birth control practices. Barring forced sterilization, it's impossible. Therefore, if incest is legal, you are condoning that a child could be born into this union with all its accompanying genetic problems and social stigmas. Not to mention the legal...
Any military officers in the family (yourself, partner, parent)? If so, USAA. Otherwise, Geico. Geico is a direct writer so they have less overhead because they're not paying out as much for local agents. Rates are often cheaper for that reason. If you have activity on your record (tickets, accidents) then Geico might not hold as much savings. You might also want to visit http://www.jdpower.com (consumer review site) to see how the various companies compare.
The blueberries are long gone. We tried to go out there (Lone Tree place mentioned above) and he said they had a bumper crop but it was pretty much gone by the middle of July.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama_al I'm trying to decide whether or not to call the doctor about the fact that I'm 99% certain my 8 y.o dd has a urinary tract infection. I need some feedback! I want to take care of her, but I also don't really want to put her on antibiotics unnecessarily. She rarely drinks enough water or voids as often as she should. On Saturday, she waited from about 10 am until 8 pm to pee (we were having a pool party for her sister's...
Geico rocks.
Quote: We handwash everything and use it as a big drying rack. That's exactly what we do too.
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