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I would drop the ped immediately. What an idiot. : I'm sorry that happened to you. I could never trust my children's health to somebody who so clearly has no clue. Keep doing what you're doing- sounds like you have a healthy little guy!
I agree that the overall tone seems as though the author is a bit burnt out on being around her kids, which I'm guessing most of us can relate to from time to time. Taking each of her "rules" seperately though, here's what I glean from them: 1. You can't be in the room when I'm working unless you work, too There's something to be said for kids who appreciate the companionship of being near a parent without having to be "entertained" all the time. My 17 mo, for...
I definitely don't fit into the category of AP Queen. There are certain parts of AP that resonate very strongly for me and other areas that don't hold as much appeal for my family for a variety of reasons. I think my mainstream friends probably consider me a little "out there" but I still really value their opinions. I only have 1 or 2 AP friends IRL and they challenge me to really expand my horizons and consider choices that I may not otherwise consider. MDC has...
I am very fair skinned also and my son seems to have inherited my skin. I am a big fan of both Vanicream sunblock and also California Baby sunblock. Both are natural and hypoallergenic. We also try to avoid the high sun times and prefer early morning and early evening for our outside times. I don't apply sunblock during those times and we haven't had any burns yet this season. Take care!
Quote: I feel like I want to have my cake and eat it, too. That's a completely normal desire. For me, working part time is hugely beneficial. We have a sitter at our house M-W from 4 -6 while I teach and I'm still performing but more like twice a month rather than once a week as before. Any chance you can work out some kind of very part time arrangement? Somebody told me once that we need something like nine adult interactions per day to...
If there's nobody living in the house, part of what you may be smelling could be sewer gas. It builds up when there's no water running through the drains for several weeks and it's flammable. I'd make a report. Good luck!
Do you sing? Yes Do you sing well? Yes Do you sing in front of others? Yes Are you a famous musician? Alas, no Do you read music? Yes Can you harmonize? Yes What instruments do you play? Fiddle, piano, guitar, and mandolin I music
Seconding the Elizabeth Mitchell selection. We love her here. Visit her website and sample some of her stuff. I especially recommend "Ladybug Picnic" on the You are My Sunshine CD.
We're all prejudiced in different ways and we all have different levels of awareness about it. The fact that you're questioning the situation after the fact to me says that you're hoping to learn from it. That's a very positive and forward thinking attitude. I've worked a lot with people with a variety of challenges and I agree with a PP that it's probably best for both the person and you for you to be pretty firm and clear with your boundaries and expectations. One...
My son is 17 mo and only just recently got his first tooth so we're still doing a fair share of cutting things up. That said, it's pretty impressive what he's been able chew just with his gums and he's been happily inhaling table food since 9 months or so. He's also a really good self-feeder. The more teeth he gets, the less cutting we will be doing.
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