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We're hosting a little hootenanny potluck tomorrow in Coralville. There will be lots of musicians jamming, good food, and kids running around. MDC families are welcome- PM me if you'd like details. :
We're having our 'cheap and dirty' standby: black bean soft shell tacos. Filling: can of black beans, can of diced tomatoes. Simmer and add seasoning to taste (we use Spike, salt, pepper, and chili powder) Warm whole wheat tortillas, spread with chevre (secret ingredient! Easily veganized by omitting though not as tasty- maybe guac instead?) and fill. Fast, cheap, and relatively healthy.
Yes! This is exactly what I need. Thank you so much! Sidshappymamma- all are welcome!!! Any other tips?
I like this blog. She uses some shortcuts but seems to prefer mostly whole foods.
We have a potluck every Sunday with 8-10 friends and it's always a success with no planning. I'm a big believer in potluck synchronicity. However, I'm hosting one this Sunday for a much larger group (75 people or so, lots of kids) at a community center and I'm feeling like I should prepare a little more than I normally do. I'm renting some 10 gallon coolers and I'll bring iced tea, lemonade, and water. Is there anything I should know about preparing HUGE quantities...
That describes us pretty well too! I don't eat most flesh for ethical and nutritional reasons so I don't buy it or cook it. My partner is allergic to wheat, I'm allergic to dairy, and our sons seem to be dairy sensitive so most meals around here are vegan and low on grain. We do still eat eggs and we'll eat seafood on occasion out at restaurants. I used to be uncomfortable with one foot in vegan and one foot in flesh eating but it works for us for now. I checked...
My first had bronchiolitis at 4 months of age. It was scary but mostly because he was so young. The doctor told us that if he appeared to be having chest retractions where skin between the ribs is getting sucked in with each breath, we shouldn't hesitate to take him right in. Honestly though, if he was wheezing for any length of time, I'd probably take him in. Good luck, mama.
Sounds just like my two loud breathers. They grow out of it. He's flippin' ADORABLE!!!
SacredMama~ I absolutely love this tip of yours: Quote: DH taught me this. 2-3 days a week DS takes me on a walk in the woods. He is in full control. I follow him around and give him no directions. We go home when he is ready. This helps incredibly in the long run, as he is more cooperative and less resistant because he took a turn to be in control!! (He's still pretty defiant, just less so) Thank you for sharing that.
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