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I completely love our Phil & Ted's E3. It was a gift when my second son was born and we use it constantly. I usually have the Ergo with me too though because the baby chooses it over the stroller sometimes.
My son does this too sometimes and I think for him it's because he's gotten corrected about the way to say various words so now he repeats the correction, if that makes sense. For example, if he says "Nice dod" and someone says "Dog, not dod. Dog. Guh Guh Guh" then he'll refer to the dog as a "Dog Guh Guh Guh" the next few times he sees one.
Quote: ok so I know this is asking a lot but low-fat granola? 1/2 cup oil and added sugar I rarely eat it my self (cause of the calories) but my husband eats it on fruit and yogurt 3+ times a week. I think it's a portion size thing. That's a 1/2 c of oil for a huge batch of granola and olive/coconut oils are full of good fats that our bodies need, especially for children. We eat granola more as a topping/added crunch to plain yogurt and fresh fruit...
I forgot to answer the "what you should have said" part. I think you handled it just fine. If it were me she would have been met with silence and a "Wow. I can't believe you said that. How incredibly unprofessional".
For what it's worth, I looooooooooooooooove the names you chose. My mother is from County Cavan, near Swanlinbar, and I've always loved that name. Aile is beautiful also. Best of luck with a beautiful birth!
My middle name is my dad's first name, also my paternal grandmother's maiden name. My first son's name is in honor of his uncle. My second son's middle name is in honor of my partner's grandmother. I think it's beautiful to honor elders.
I only drool when I take naps too. I thought I was alone!
for the name Lukas?
Sounds like these fellas. Harmless!
I love Irish names too and also have a Liam. I have a handful of cousins with names that don't sound how they look- Saoirse, Aoife (I love this name), and Eamonn. Not to mention a Michael whose name is pronounced "Me-hal". I don't like phonetic spellings. Don't even get me started on Shawn. (No offense intended, Shawn.)
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