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Try daveramsey.com. You will not be able to change your financial life until you get your spending and budget under control. Once it's under control, you'll be in a position to choose what will make you more fulfilled. Good luck!
We went to two awesome pinata parties this sumer. One had fake jewels that my daughters were all over. The other had small party-cracker type gizmos, and those were a huge hit as well. Hope that helps!
DH, your birthday is tomorrow. That means you still have to do some parenting tonight. Sitting literally within arm's reach of DS while he plays video games for 15 minutes past the agreed upon time, and not saying a word, while I am folding laundry elsewhere, was not helpful. Then letting him read for 10 minutes past bedtime without sending him upstairs was also not helpful. Have you become a piece of furniture or what? Are you alive? Then pay attention to the kids!...
Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! Anybody else???
Hi everyone! We live in Washington State and are hoping to do a week of camping in Utah this summer in order to see some cool dinosaur excavation sites and museums. Can anybody recommend some campgrounds, museums, etc? We are tent campers. Any advice is appreciated. TIA!
I always wonder, when I see shows like Wife Swap or Trading Spouses, how parents can put their kids through that? I can understand being willing to stretch, grow, suffer, or whatever as the adult, but you always see the kids crying when the "new wife" imposes her rules and they have to quit school, go back to school, wash off makeup, put on makeup, whatever... It sounds like your friends were on Intervention or some similar type of show. I wonder if they felt...
I did REAL Science (life) with my gifted 1st grader, and used it with lots of additional outside materials for her gifted 4th grade brother. I really liked it and it is full of information. It is secular. You can find it here: http://www.pandiapress.com/real_science.htm I am going to use the physical science curriculum with her next year. Hope this helps!
I hated the ant farm because the insert said that in the wild, the ants could live for about a year, but in the farm they would live 2-3 weeks. It felt like a death watch to me.
We just started Challenge Math and 10yo DS really likes it. It does seem to cover a very wide range of topics. I am using it as a supplement to Singapore and so will not hit every chapter. We just did Chapter 2, which was very fun (he really dug function machines), but will probably skip around quite a bit. We did wish for a way to get extra problems. I'm not familiar with the other book you mentioned. Good luck!
Also, you really do have to tend the gardens regularly or they will die.
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