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Stop shitting in your pants because you're too busy playing to take a crap!! I am sick of cleaning your GIANT MAN SIZED TURDS out of your underwear, I spent years handwashing cloth diapers- I AM DONE! You are four! Take a dump like a regular dude already. I throw out your cool Cars underpants when you crap in them; I don't care if they DO have Mater on them.
My housemate's daughter was playing with my son in my bedroom, when i noticed my waterproof duckie vibrator IN HER HAND!  i sorta had left it sitting on the windowsill after i cleaned it...... woops.   I kinda just said, "hey, that's MY toy!" and took it back, but she was all, "Hey wait! let me tell you something about that duck! It vibrates!"   i had a good laugh with her mom about it... but it could have been really bad if it was someone else's kid.
i've never gotten pregnant using withdrawl during my fertile period.  from what i read in 'taking charge of your fertility' withdrawl is much less effective if the man has last ejaculated within 24 hours, so i only use withdrawl if he hasnt.  
aww cyclamen! mine is pretty horrendous!  i have since dyed it pink. i look just as dirty, but now it's punk rock and therefore ok! haha
what, you dont like the dumpy mom bun?  :] i just kept the ends trimmed to keep it from getting dready. braids were helpful in the newborn days. my hair fell out when he was 4 to 7 months old, and then i had these totally awesome little two inch things growing up... i'm glad i kept it long though.
my solution to the frump monster was to dye my hair pink in the front and buy an eight dollar hippy eyeliner.... i really thought it'd inspire me to not be a bum. i am totally still in sweatpants with no bra or shoes though. i'm gunna go wash my face now....  maybe i should just start a punk band instead.
i've propagated cider vinegar mothers by adding the mother to more cider.... it looked sort of like a kombucha scobie. i wonder if you could just add the mother to juice?
not a good site for kids. (but i love playing zomg)
just posting to say thanks to everyone who shared. usually i smoke cigarettes and cry.
i can't get it on with socks on.
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