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Does anyone know? Ever since I was jabbed with that stupid needle, I don't remember actually saying it was ok. (I was heavily drugged for 12 or so hours after the birth.) I've had problems with my memory. It didn't bother me until I couldn't remember my child's birthday. I had no idea when it was I drew a complete blank. I know that a complication of rubella happens to be memory loss, so it makes me wonder if it was the shot. So if anyone has any ideas LMK. Thanks.
Side walk chalk, either ground up or lines drawn. The ants will not cross it. HTH
I think if you steamed it with something like a http://www.asseenontv.com/prod-pages...i_steamer.html I think they even have knock offs....I'm lusting after this if you haven't noticed.
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnylady303 So I posted a while back about $20000 in back taxes we owe the IRS. We've seen a CPA and we're working on it. He seems to feel like it isn't such a big deal, that likely they will compromise on the amount and then we'll pay monthly payments for a couple of years. We're also trying to buy a house. DH's dad is going to co-sign with us. We've told him about our IRS issues and the possibility of a lien. ...
I had this happen before. I still have no idea what caused it...The smell didn't improve until I took all the clothes out and rewashed them, I used no detergent in case it was build up. I took the shoes outside and let them air. I put baking soda on the carpet and let it sit over night, then vacuumed it up the next day. I scrubbed down walls. I opened the doors to the closet and let them stay open day and night with the windows open in the room. Looking back on it...I...
So that's why DS is so tough? I knew there would be downside somewhere to leaving him intact....My boy thinks he's bullet proof.
I love fresh air, opening all the windows makes me so happy!
You could free-cycle them or give them to a crisis pregnancy center. I *think* you can hand them into the fire dept. or a seat check place and they will check them out...If they deem them to be safe I think they are donated to mothers in need. I'm sure a car seat guru will be along any moment now...
You can do it! Come join the April de-cluttering thread, lots of motivation there.
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