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On Friday, I talked to the school counselor, giving my DD's name, but keeping the other girl's name confidential. I just wanted resources on how to talk to my DD about the situation. The counselor was so helpful, and said to keep reassuring my DD she did the right thing by coming to me.   Friday evening, I talked to the other mom. She thanked me several times, and didn't tell me to butt out. I kept my comments very brief and factual, focusing on my DD's concern. The mom...
I have known for a few weeks that DD's best girlfriend (12) lived in a violent, alcoholic, drug-dealing home until about 5 years ago. She's safe now, but still has court-ordered visits with the abusive father once a week.    DD has told me before that her friend is very depressed, and their circle of friends spend a lot of time trying to cheer her up. She's a sweet girl who's been here for sleepovers, and she's good at hiding her pain.    But last night, DD broke down...
Exactly! I was open to whatever DD wanted to do. I got her probably half a dozen different kinds of disposables, because I never dreamed she would want to use cloth at school. But she asked about my cloth, then my cloth all started disappearing out of my drawer!  Now she uses a combo of Natracare tampons and cloth pads.
My daughter likes the ones from Mom and Me Creations. http://www.mom-and-me-creations.com/ClothMom.html She also steals mine from Perfect Pads, but unfortunately that company was sold and I can't seem to buy more.  Always gives me horrible diaper rash, ugh! DD tried several store-bought brands last year, but kept going back to cloth. 
Miranda, I'm so happy she's found something that is working for her. I'd love to know the brand/model of earbuds she's using. I'm also very impressed that she took the initiative to talk to the teachers/administrators herself. 
Wow, I'm sorry you suffer with this, but I'm kind of relieved to find out I'm not insane. I agree with what you said about finding other family times.  Also, Miranda, I thought about you this morning. DD is PMS'ing right now, and oh wow, was she off the charts with irritability this morning. She yelled at me for swallowing during a conversation - that's a new one. 
It scares me, too, and I was completely against it for a long time. What convinced me was it was an easy way to keep in touch with her good friends from arts camp, other schools, and other classrooms. 12 minutes of recess wasn't enough socializing time, and I think she needs that to insulate against the mean girls.
What's an ICQ list?? I love your guidelines, by the way. My 11-yo DD has gotten online this year. Mostly Instagram, Kik, and (very lately) Snapchat. Our rule is that as long as she's living at home and I'm paying her cell bill, I have carte blanche access into her phone, email, everything. We fuss about it fairly often, actually - she really thinks she's entitled to privacy. My response is that as long as I'm legally liable for what she says online, I have to double-check...
DD has always been Highly Sensitive (beginning with blood-curdling sobs over wet diapers as a newborn.) As with all her Highly Sensitive difficulties, my goal is to help her learn to cope in the real world, so we work on cognitive behavioral therapy. I wouldn't change her school based on her misophonia, because I know she'll have to deal with in the workplace as an adult. I do think that finding accommodations is reasonable, because we have so much more personal physical...
Thanks for the info about the Yahoo group. I will check that out. I also notice I'm most bothered by my DH's chewing, but I can eat with strangers just fine. And DD is most bothered by my DH and me, but pretty OK with her school friends.
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