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Thank you!!!!!
I started a thread here... sometime at the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008. It was about how shocked I was that my XH (DH at the time) wanted a gun in the house. And my thoughts on the issue.   I have searched various ways to try and find it--from searching through nearly every "thread started" by me, to searching key words from that time period about the topic.   If anyone can find this thread for me, I will bake you cookies and mail them, I swear.    Long...
800mg ibuprofin every 4-6 hrs. If I missed a dose it was unbearable.
We just went to the court house with our IDs, two signed and notarized affidavits from witnesses at the birth, my lease agreement, a copy of some ultrasound results, and the baby
We used four each birth. Two of them are for me postpartum since I bleed a ton.
Yes. We had done it before with ds2... Our local hospital has a primary cesarean rate over 40% and overall rate over 70%.... Once I get to a certain point in labor, I don't want to go anywhere.
Oddly enough I really liked the ones Walmart and Target had here..
Mine went down after six days... Even with ice. Went down faster with the other two kids even though they were bigger (go figure).
I used a $14 eBay fetoscope with ds2. You should definitely get it and practice well before labor. I checked fht once during his labor early on and then things went too quickly to check again. Things went too fast with DD for me to check if I wanted to.
Blood. Lots of it. And clots. I wear Depends for the first 3-4 days because overnight pads just don't cut it. I also put a plastic $1 shower curtain liner on the bed with an old sheet on top, and it comes off 2 days postpartum when I stop leaking out of everything. Pee. You really need to pee regularly for the uterus to shrink down well. If you have stitches, something like a toilet paper roll or guitar slide works well to keep the stream away. You need a peri bottle....
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