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Well, there are a bunch of different kinds of BG, so it depends on which you mean. The benefit of SposoEasy over a pocket would be that you don't have to stuff (I hate stuffing). The benefit over a diaper with synthetic inner would be that you don't have a synthetic inner if you don't like that or if your DC is sensitive to it. Pockets typically have the advantage of being eaiser to keep clean since you remove the insert and then it washes seperately, but since the...
I'm one of the only one out there that prefers AIO. I hate stuffing. I generally line dry and then do about 20 min of drying, so there's no issue with drying time. I hate stuffing pockets. I also like prefolds/covers, but I find AIO easier. I use primarily the BG one size Organic AIOs. I just got a bunch of the sized BG 3.0 AIOs to supplement my stash for daycare, so I'll see how those go. They have a pocket, so you can stuff additional and you can also turn...
So far... Peg Perego Primmo Viaggio infant seat ~ $150 Britax Marathon (gift) ~ $250 Britax Roundabout ~ $180 2 Graco Nautilus ~ $300 so about $880 for 2 kids. I expect to spend another $300 for Nautiluses for DS2 when the Britax expire in 2010 (they're good for 6 years right? Need to check if it's 5 years, in which case they expire in 2009).
We also got married on 4th of July. (Popular date! ) It was great. We went out at the end of the reception into the streets and watched the fireworks. Every year we have fireworks on our anniversary and the day off!
Wow. I never sterlized my pump parts after the initial boiling. And I'm on my second kid! I just rinse with hot water after each pumping and then each night I hand wash in hot soapy water. That's all. I haven't noticed a film.
Quote: Originally Posted by DahliaRW I'd go with a pliko over an aria. If you get the single, there is a small step on the back for a sibling. The step is not really accessible, though, when you have the stroller fully reclined which is necessary with an infant or with the infant seat. I have one and haven't found my 4 year old is able to use the step as of yet.
We asked about this very thing when buying our house and were told that we could rebalance (I thought that was the term they used) our payments after making a lump sum payment for a few hundred dollars. We asked because we were unsure about how much to put down vs keeping in savings at the time, so we wanted to be sure we could emulate the effect of putting more down in the future if we so desired.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthea™ I'm not buying it. I cannot attest to a sippy cup exactly, but it most certainly does out of a straw cup.
I choose breastfeeding. DS nursed until age 3 and co-slept until age 3-1/2. He still comes in our room in the morning (after 5am is the "rule"). We'll see how it goes for my second son - 2 months old now.
I don't know why the servers should know exactly how you want your kid treated when it seems parents all have different opinions (silverware or no silverware for 2 year old, real cups vs straw cups, etc). Doesn't seem like anything to get bent out of shape over. Just ask for what you need. We eat out at least 2-3 times a week and have since my first son was born and haven't really had any issues. I've called him a half many times in the past. Now I just include...
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