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I think I pay about $250/mo for myself and 2 kids on a POS (does not actually stand for piece of ... ). I haven't checked since I had my 2nd kid, so I'm not exactly sure. My DH is covered at his work. At the next open enrollment, I will be moving to a high deductible plan. It will cost $0 to me and is by far the cheapest for my employer (they show you what portion they pay). I will put aside the maximum in a health care savings account (before taxes) and will be able to...
I like them a lot. Enough that I have 14 of them. (Basically 1/2 the diapers I use) They do wick on the leg gusset, though, since there's fleece there. It wicks to the fold over elastic. Not all of mine do that, certain ones do. There is a version 2.0 coming out in a couple weeks that will not have the fleece in the gusset, so that will take care of that. Version 1.0 is on clearance right now, so there are good deals. I just deal with the wicking. If I change...
I wear my wedding ring almost all the time. My engagement ring I take off every night and since I'm home now, I generally only put it on if I'm going out and have taken the time to get ready. O/w wedding ring is fine for me. Mine aren't a "set" and my wedding ring looks cool without the engagement ring.
We're in the same situation. DH & I have a queen. Our son is 3-1/2. Our baby is due any day. We've been working with our older son to have him sleep in his room and he's been doing a good job. He comes into our room anywhere between 1/2 AM and sometimes lasting as long as 5:30/6. I think we'll just play it by ear. We have the crib set up in our room, so baby can sleep there as needed. I'm not sure all 4 of us will fit as 3 of us are barely fitting these days!
My sister used a moby wrap with her son while he was in the Pavlik harness.
We used sposies from 3 months on with older DS and we did dump the poo. I don't think it's unheard of. It certainly cuts down on any stink.
At my workplace and my husband's workplace, we have Administrative Assistants, not Secretaries. The common title is Admin. I wouldn't call them Secretaries as that is not what they are called here. I did think that was outdated and not an acceptable title anymore.
I'm just not into the hard-to-get aspect. I like to browse and think about what I want to buy and then make my purchase with quick delivery. With the GM craze, you can't really see what's available and think about it - you have to buy it then. Then, in the case of the "wishbox," it's 6-8 weeks for delivery. Doesn't fit my criteria. Also, it's more than I would like to pay for one diaper. I'm sure it can be considered "worth it," but $20/diaper is really about my max.
That was ridiculous. Miss Michigan had by far the worst talent. I'm not sure how she got slected the winner at all?? We were rooting for Miss Washington. I know I shouldn't watch it, I tend to get sucked in though and watch with liberal usage of the 30 second skip button.
Quote: Originally Posted by Petersmamma And yet, I somehow don't think the "upper class" will be left out in the cold... If it makes you feel better, we won't be getting a rebate. There are limits.
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