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It's hard for me to fathom *not* being my child's playmate because my son (3 yrs old) loves and wants me (and his dad) to play with him. At this point, he doesn't have a sibling to play with, so naturally he wants us to play with him. Just this morning while we got ready for work/daycare, he set up a library in his room, I checked out some books, he then had a pet store and I bought a panda and he told me how to take care of him , we danced to music, he played tiger...
DS is in a home daycare. We'll probably do the same as last year and give ~1 weeks pay. I feel they could charge more, so I like to give them a nice "bonus" at Christmas time. We just put it in one card addressed to all the teachers (main DCP, her 2 adult daughters and 1 assistant) and then they can distrubute as they see fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenivere My husband's family likes a fruit dip made of marshmallow cream and strawberry cream cheese. I love to make this for parties, so good! It's a very highly rated recipe on All Recipes, so I don't think it can be considered that strange.
I also spent more than that on my wedding dress and don't regret it at all. It's been 4-1/2 years now, so I doubt I'll start regretting it at some point. I haven't put it on again, though, because I got pregnant shortly after the wedding and am not exactly the same size anymore. Hopefully some day!
My grandpa used to make peanut butter, mayo and lettuce sandwiches. I admit it, I thought they were pretty good! I can't bring myself to eat them anymore, though.
We got a Wii last month. I was planning on getting one for DH for Christmas, but he happened to see some in a store (Frys), so we went when it first opened and bought one that day. I'm glad we did becuase they are so much harder to find now that it's Christmas time. I also thought about getting him one last year, but they were even more impossible to get then! It's so fun. I love bowling and tennis so far. DH loves boxing. We're just going to do small gifts for...
I have that problem a lot. Guys always think I'm interested in them "that way" - I'm not! Just making conversation! I talked to DH about it after the last incident and he said that some guys just never have women be friendly to them, so then they think if you are friendly, you're interested in them. I don't know if it's true vice versa, though.
We had a turducken for Christmas in 2004. There were 9 adults. I ordered it from Cajun Grocer or the other Cajun place. It was very good. I'm not sure we'd order it again, though.
$20 is really my limit. I wanted to buy this dinosaur pop up book for a friend's son, but it was $26 and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. If I had planned ahead, I could have bought it with a 30% off coupon from Borders. Instead I bought 3 bargain hardback classics from Barnes & Nobles and came in just below $20.
Well, my son is the bad word police, but it's more like I say: Quote: No you cannot have any candy. And then DS says: Quote: Mommy, you said a bad word. Be quiet.
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