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Re; the stiffness that comes from line drying... I agree! One thing I found that works well is to line dry and then toss them in the dryer for 15 minutes : )
Here! Technically 39 weeks today, though I think I'm more like 39+5ish (based on ovulation, rather than lmp)! That said, I'm in no rush (knock on wood) to have the baby w/in the next few days - we celebrate Christmas, and my five year old is quite excited for Santa's arrival tmr night and the festivities that follow. To add to that, he has seemingly caught the gi virus that is circulating around here - one puke this morning and generally feeling tired and unwell this...
I'm enjoying watching this thread now that the babies have started arriving! I have a dresser drawer full of diapers that I am eagerly looking forward to using : )
Congratulations GreenTea!!
Sent my request (I think!)
Sounds wonderful - congratulations!!!
esp - Inspiring words!! I'm a hopeful, comitted VBAC'er who's awaiting GBS results, so this rang true for me  : )   sego - Hope you can get some sleep tonight! It is tough that now, when we "can" get sleep, we sometimes can't!! DS woke up every 39 minutes (I doubt I'll ever forget that number) & it took months before I could comfortably side-nurse. I am so hoping to log in at least a few good nights before labor & this baby arrives!!   Coconut water - how...
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