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I love GH so dang much. I think it's great except sometimes the characters are a bit scary or the background graphics are, well, graphic. There's one where a gigantic axe falls on and kills a gigantic demon thingy. Yuck
This is actually on our list of things to do. For us, we went through a separation last spring. We never had a big wedding/reception in the first place and it was a pretty big hurdle to over come for most couples so we deem it necessary to kind of put closure on that book.
Quote: Originally Posted by Livviesmom0207 If you call it brownie, I'd do it just like this: brownie. all lowercase, with the period. Somehow that makes it more fun. haha. I like this
Quote: Originally Posted by momasana You could do it "cake walk" style. Arrange the presents in a large circle on the floor. Play a snazzy solstice tune and have everyone walk around the circle. When the music stops, whichever gift you are standing by is the one you get! I like this I think it would be super fun for the kids!
We are having a winter part Solstice Eve for adults and kids. I want to do a very, very, very simple gift exchange game idea for the kids. I though of just piling the wrapped gifts in the living room and going up in age having the kids pick which gift they want, but then I thought of the older kids who get to pick last And I'd like to do something like this for the adults too, but is that kinda cheesy?
Oh, she's beautiful!
I've had mastitis once and after that I was aware of the plugged ducts that caused it (4-6 times). I would say that if your symptoms are coming and going, that it's still in a plugged duct phase and would try all the home remedies to rid yourself of that. My all time cure-all was getting on all fours and nursing on the sore breast hovering over my dd until I just couldn't stand it anymore
I had two hospital births with an epidural and one natural, at home birth. I expected the home birth (the last one) to be more painful, contraction wise, but it wasn't, I got in the tub and I was fine. I did feel that "ring of fire" for about 10 seconds that I never felt before, so that sorta blew me the eff away. I voted "more painful". But, I don;t mean to scare anyone. It only lasted a few seconds while my daughter's head passed through, from there, she was out and...
I never had the feeling that I was starving my kids even though they nursed for gazillions of hours a day even though there are not even a gazillion hours in a day Please feel reassured that your babe is doing fine. That's a lot of wet dipes, she sounds just fine
I just don't think I'd do it. I could come up with all sorts of pros and cons and I think I'd rather take a free one from my neighbor
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