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Do you have a favorite budget software? Please share! I am looking for a very simple (hopefully free) software, or even excel spreadsheet, to help me plan for the month.   Thank you in advance for any recommendations!
Which Rowenta model do you have? I am reading their reviews right now...  
Mine broke, and I am looking for a new one. Do you love yours? If so, tell me what you have.   I will be using it mostly for ironing quilt squares.
Mamas, please help me. I have some art that was drawn on fabric, but instead of sharpies, they used regular washable markers... Is there anything I can spray on the fabric to set the art and make sure it doesn't come off during the wash? (the art is going on the quilt)   Thank you so much in advance..
Thank you so much, mamas. Deep in my heart I know everything will be ok (they are not going to throw us off the plane after all), and I will try my best to keep everyone calm and happy.   I wish hubby could come, but between his work and the plane ticket price we just couldn't swing it.   Minkin, I am going to Ukraine (Odessa) :)    
In August I am going overseas with my three very active children (ages 5, 3, 1). The trip will look like this: 10 hour flight, 3 hours break, 2 hours flight, 2 hours break, two hour flight, and a night in the train.   Any advice or any words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated.   So far I am investing in a small netbook for movie watching/music listening, a whole bunch of small "new to us" toys, snacks.    If you have any tricks under your sleeve,...
I'd like to stop using plastic baggies for the produce section and sew a bunch of reusables. What would be a good fabric choice? I've seen mesh ones, but I can't imagine them keeping the lettuce and spinach from drying. May be some kind of nylon? What do you think?  
I am trying to come up with seven meal categories, and could really use some inspiration.   So far I have: fish, pasta, beans and rice, stew. Need 3 more.   What are your categories?
I fell off the wagon last year too, but thinking of getting one again this year. Is 2011 plan different from 2010, other than dates?
Ahha! Found it! https://www.todayiatearainbow.com/products-page/ This looks interesting! Thank you so much!
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