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I was able to use up two packages of frozen GF English muffins this week. I also used a bunch of frozen blackberries (we are picking fresh now but I have not been freezing; I am giving away what we cannot eat.) I also used two boxes of frozen spinach littles.   Any ideas for frozen cubed butternut squash?  I have a couple of pounds to use up.
Thanks, that's helpful advice.  The kids just turned nine and have not spent much time using the computer; simpler might be better.
Thanks, I was thinking OpenOffice might work fine.  I do not have Microsoft Publisher on my laptop... but the kids might have it on theirs.  I will check. 
Do your children use a publishing program?  If yes, which one do you like?   I am not really sure what I am looking for, but this is the background… My children are leaving Montessori and will be homeschooled.  While at Montessori, they did research, wrote papers and drew/painted artwork to go along with their presentation.  (I do not know exactly what they did since everything was done at school.  I only saw the end result.)  They wanted to do the same here.  So,...
Today, I used up some of the frozen blueberries, two frozen pie crusts, and a jar of sauerkraut (not in the same recipe ).
I can understand how it w/b more difficult to keep the house picked up without a playroom.   When my kids were really little we kept toys in the living room because I was not comfortable with them upstairs or downstairs alone.  It was a struggle to keep the main living area looking uncluttered.   My children are allowed to take toys and play all over the house, but at the end of the day (unless it is something that is being carried over like a Monopoly Game) the toys s/b...
This is funny!   When I worked, I had a couch in my office.  And there were days I closed the door as if I was taking a lunch break but actually took a nap.  Maybe the need to nap after working is genetic
Thank you all.    Over the years, I have explained to my family that the kids will not need to sleep with us when they are 18, and that they are getting enough protein as vegetarians, and that it is fine they do not want to join soccer or gymnastics, etc.   I am just nervous and concerned that I will fail at home schooling.  I've read so many threads in the home schooling forum...I s/h remembered to not listen to everything everyone says.   Thanks!
We are planning to home school for the first time this year.  So, we started lightly schooling this summer.    For most things, we all end up in my bed; the kids with books or clipboards to do their work.  Often we end up taking a little nap after working a bit.  This is not what I expected!   Should I stop this habit now?  It seems harmless, but odd, to me.  (My sister thinks it is starting a bad habit.) Does anyone else do this?   My children are 9 and...
I am in the Chicagoland area too...this weather is much too hot for me! So today I accomplished: took kids to swimming lessons took daughter to ER (she is alright) went to bank and gas station (wow…gas prices are sure up) returned RedBox movie…four days late laid in bed with kids and helped them with some school work but mostly just talked skipped sons three hour outdoor tennis - again moved most of the furniture back into the living and dining...
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