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Hi - I'm working as an independent consultant. I made about $60,000 the last year I was an employee and this past year I made about $250,000 plus I get to set my own hours, choose my work, and spend a whole ton of time with my kids (I work from home atleast half of the time). So yes - definitely worth it. However the consulting I do is in a very different field than yours would be and I think the salary range for IT consultants is half of that at most. I guess I...
so little time, so many posts to catch up on. . . subbing
Quote: Originally Posted by zahirakids I am so sorry. Hope you feel better soon. How long were you TTC? Well, we are Catholics so we don't use BC. It was about 5 months because we didn't dtd for about a month after Abri was born.
Hey everyone. The last time I posted AF was a few weeks late. Well I got my BFP. But I miscarried last week : It is my first m/c and is extremely hard to deal with.
Aw, don't worry too much about BF while TTC. I am BF my five month old and TTC. I was still BF my first child when I got pregnant with my second. I've never had any problems. I know what you mean about families not being supportive of us having many kids. We are quiverfull - meaning that we do not use birth control and will accept as many children as God blesses us with - and I'm 19 with two kids : . They are always lecturing me about BC. But I don't think they...
Tuesday Check in: Name: Ashley Date: 3/13/07 Where are you at in your cycle: who knows? Appointments: none Symptoms if they apply: no AF still? She is two weeks late! Testing: I took four HPTs - all negative. The last one was a few days ago. Thoughts: I guess I have to assume I'm not pregnant. That'll give us an excuse to have sex everyday for another month :
Almost 3 years, I got married at 17
Hi, it's not Monday but. . . close enough (I'd like to join). I'm 19, but I'll be 20 in a few months - is that okay? My DH and I are TTC #3. Monday Check in: Name: Ashley Date: 3-6-07 Where are you at in your cycle: AF is three days late! Appointments: none Symptoms if they apply: I am sick and tired like crazy. It could just be a cold though. . . Testing: BFN 5 days and and again 2 days ago Thoughts: I wish I knew whether I am pregnant or not! If not,...
What does it mean to be frosted and toasted? I'm so out of the loop here. . .
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