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Another Woooooo nelly Tell the director about that. I would NOT want my employees doing something like that and would want to know about it. Please tell.
Yep I sometimes have to unplug the TV. I have a home daycare and its amazing how the children run right to the TV and turn it on. I tell them nope lets do something else. After a week here they don't bother the TV.
The letter I received had nursing as an opition for getting out of serving on a jury. I used it it worked.
add those AND black widows to my large list of RIP spiders. My biggest find was a mama black widow with FOUR egg sacks. I am not a poison user but for them I do since they run away FAST. Then last week I killed another one that was living under one of the daycare toys. I check EVERYTHING each morning before the children go out side and its a good thing.
I kick the postmasters butt. I had this happen FInally after THIRTYTWO days the package came back to me. Plus I had to pay more shiping in the darn thing. I refunded the buyer because after 20 days and no show its not their fault.
Not seen it personally but was told about it. My friend was doing it with a married new father of twins at work. It was the straw that ended our friendship. Big no no in my book.
As a some day director of a childcare center I would be VERY unhappy if I knew my aids and or teachers were saying this about you. Go to the director and tell her about this. Children pick up everything and even in my own home childcare I DO NOT talk about how wierd so and so is when their child he present.
I get between $150 and $175 a week. The daycare centers right here (3 of them) charge between $230 to $260 a WEEK. I SO wish I could get that. The best is getting paid from the county. I LOVED Child Action. I had one boy that his mom was on it and they paid faithfully and more then what I charged. Sadly they are only for Sacramento county unless the parents loves there and works here in placer county like what happen. Meaning I can only use them IF the parents...
Well according to grandma (my mother) my son started singing IN tune around 18 months old. She still says he sings in tune. Now she is comparing him to my nonexisting ability of tune holding so she might be bias some :LOL
My mentor got a large license in a 2 bedroom apartment. Yep check out the orientation for licensing. Can you move to a different location that pays more for childcare. That is what I did.
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