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I'm out of flour! What can I use to to lightly "flour" a cake pan? I was thinking of using a touch of cornstarch but I'm not sure! HELP!
I have two spring babies (both very early spring) and my pregnancies were both fantastic. For me the throught of being huge during the summer was a major turnoff. Another thing about my spring babies is by the time we were ready to venture outside the weather was nice and mild. I watched 3 of my friends being HUGE during the summer months. With the humidity and heat they struggled with taking care of their other kids. The older kids still wanted out to play and my...
Are you a candidate for the surgery or were you just reading articles?
Anyone btdt?
Thank ladies! It's all over now!!!
I don't really have any advice as I haven't ahd any deals with this type of thing but I have a friend who's younger brother was the same and they choose hormone therapy.
My above post is the exact reason I'd like to see a TV-Free subforum.
So last night the boys and I watched a sea creatures documentary that I rented from our library. It was 45 minutes long and fantastic! We had a great time piled on the sofa with our tv trays and dinner watching it. It's becuase we had such a great time and had a special thing going on that I'm having a hard time with actually getting rid of the tv. We're without cable in all common areas and bedrooms (except for DS#1) but we still have the actual tv in the living...
Well we have an appointment today at the high school to empty his locker and return his books. I kind of get the feeling that they may be thinking that I've removed him from school against his wishes! Anyone who knows anything about my son knows that it's pretty hard to *force* my son to do anything that he doesn't want to do. I know I totally sound paranoid but they were going on and on about how they want DS to be with me so they can speak with him. It was never an...
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