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Hello i am a JW, and we don't celebrate holidays or birthdays, either. While some of the scriptures you posted we don't ascribe the same meaning to, we don't celebrate them due to their pagan aspects. Was their something that you wanted to.discuss? Sent from my LG-MS770 using Tapatalk 2
I think so. My daughter is 15 months old. I think we went ti the park, and took pictures. With my older children, the same. I think i made chocolate pudding or something. It really wasn't a,big deal; she doesn't know she's 1. But, we have pics to send out and put up.Are you on BBC (babycenter)? We have a private group there where you may get more support, if you need it.
Well, we usually take pics.  I mean, if you are used to celebrating birthdays, then it's hard to not do so, I imagine (I am assuming you are not a JW nor studying). Just as one used to not celebrating them.  It's just not a big deal.     The thing that we always do with non JW family is just have periodic get-togethers:  BBQs, sit down dinners, amusement park meetups, etc.  We have Cousins Day and Kid's Day and Grandkids Day, Costume parties, etc., where the kids get...
We always start the transition at around 2 years old.  We start patting, instead of rocking. Then we stop patting and sit next to the bed until they fall asleep. After a week or so of that, changed to just reading a story, turning off light and sitting for 10 minutes, then 5 then none.
Look into the Action Baby Carrier.  
Yay! Ask, and you shall receive!
Any answer?
Yes, id be interested. Thanks Sent from my SCH-R920 using Tapatalk 2
Oh! I've since had a new LO since my last post! 6 months old. Sent from my SCH-R920 using Tapatalk 2
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