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Good but pricey- Bare Escentuals. Excellent coverage but not a fake-too-made-up kind of look. It's 100% natural minerals. For my very coarse, curly hair, I use a conditioner called Mode De Vie that's available at Whole Foods. It's also really expensive but you don't have to use much so a very small bottle lasts me a month. http://www.modedeviebodycare.com/modedevie.html
Quote: Originally posted by hipumpkins I was also told that the baby has to cry to exercise her lungs..since I don't like to exercise I don't make my baby do it either The great answer to that one is "Sure! Just like bleeding exercises the veins!" I don't remember where I read that but I stole it from someone.
Thanks! I think what I'm going to do is get some new soakers, maybe from Luke's Drawers and replace the cheesy ones I have. The AIO's were cheap enough that even with new soakers they're still less than new AIOs would be. Thanks for your help.
I've just bought 4 large Fleece Manyducks AIO's on auction and I've got some questions about the soakers. I bought one new a long time ago and it had a prefold with snaps as the soaker and that worked fine. These ones have what looks like terry cloth washcloths as the soakers. They're really thin, grey colored trifolds with what looks like a washcloth hem on the top. I can't describe it well, but if you picture a washcloth, it normally has a kind of woven hem thing around...
I really like it and it lasts forever. I bought my first foundation last November and I still have half of it left. I use it daily, so that's saying something.
My understanding is that not all inductions cause a hyper stimulation of the uterus. That's a specific complication that can come up during inductions but usually doesn't. As for the "first time labor" thing, I've asked my midwives about that several times because I was induced last time. They said that being in labor and the dilation of the cervix to give birth creates oxytocin receptors in the cervix which cause the faster labors the next time around. It doesn't...
You know, the only pregnancy that I had morning sickness for was one I lost to miscarriage. This one and my last have been completely sickness free. Don't let some ignorant... woman... get you down.
Jonah (20 months) goes to bed at 7:30 and gets up between 7 and 8.
I'm torn about this. I'd like to believe that all things "natural" are good and back in the good 'ol days when women birthed without medical attention everything was empowering and wonderful and all that. However, a whole lot of babies died back then. I do think there is a time and place for medical interventions. My boy was 2 weeks late, I had GD and we failed a NST, so I was induced. At the time, I believed it to be the correct decision. It turned out that the...
I have and would again in a heartbeat. In fact, I'm starting to get some roots and I'd love to get them touched up, but sitting in a chair with goo on my head that has to be washed off is about the best way I can think of to have my water break.
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