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I could just not read this without posting a big hug AND saying... this too shall pass. Write it on a poster board and tape it to your fridge. It WILL pass. I promise. The other thing I'm going to say - risking onslaught of rotten tomatoes - is that some kids (especially boys IMO) NEED preschool. They need to get out of the house, have a consistent schedule, keep their little minds busy, and do it without mommy. Honest. I know that won't win me any AP points, but...
Our nearly 8 year-olds are free to be outside completely unsupervised. They know where I am if someone's bleeding, but other than that, they're solo. They also can ride their bikes up and down the block. (Should caveat by saying we live in a very safe neighborhood, with sidewalks on both sides of the street, and know our neighbors well.) They walk to friends houses w/in around a 2-block radius. They are not allowed INTO neighbors' houses without first asking me, and in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lousli I'm pm'ing you, Peri.
Quote: Originally Posted by serenbat I would demand blood work every six months to check on his liver- don't let the Dr. blow this off-these drugs work on other organs as well-check! will do. thanks!
Yep. Mostly due to not wanting to return home to a disaster (way to put a damper on returning home) but I admit there's that prideful part of me that worries what if someone has to come into the house to check on something or of course the worst thing happens and everyone's going through my house talking about what a wreck it is and how dirty it is. Crazy mommy stuff I guess.
Quick update - IIR is definitely a multi-layer marketing scheme (MLM). I looked into it further and spoke in depth with someone who was "certified" from their program and a.) the degree is completely meaningless and doens't actually give you any recognizable certification/qualifications at all and b.) it costs a lot of money and you have to sell sell sell it to other people. Sadly so are SO MANY of these businesses being targeted at stay-at-home moms are MLM these days...
Update! Sorry it's been so long - I'm almost never on MDC anymore. Can you tell my youngest is 5 now?! lol (p.s. hi Lesley! ) DH decided to go on the statin - lowest possible dose and his doctor redid his bloodwork in Feb., which was about 3 months later. His total cholesterol is now 152, and HDL is up to 84. (Some statins actually do RAISE hdl apparently, which is part of why his doctor wanted him to go on it.) He has made some changes in his diet, following what I...
It would not bother me. Babies looking wistfully at nursies never bothers me, even when they're made of plastic!
Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid I love it. And I use the "hide" feature quite a bit. what's that?
Quote: Originally Posted by lalaland42 Yes. I also believe in gravity, AIDS is caused by HIV, and that the world is not flat. I have seen an awful lot of people I otherwise respect arguing against this point.
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