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I do not think she looks unhappy. Her nose and mouth shape perhaps give that impression but if you look at her eyes she is not frowning (or whatever). She does look serious, which is appropriate. I would absolutely NOT change the photo regardless.
Of course... haven't we all?
Metasequoia... slightly OT - what about the popular dieting advice to eat 6 small meals a day or whatever? And people on MDC (and some pediatricians/child experts) say you should let kids graze all day - that they eat healthier this way, self-regulate better, etc. Really - the old 3 squares a day advice is best?
*UPDATE* I wish it were a better update. DH's lab results came in today. Here were the values of interest (brace yourselves): (by the way, this was a FASTING blood test, taken 12 hours after last meal) GLUCOSE 101 (reference range: 74-99 mg/dL) CHOLESTEROL 230 (reference range: 100-200mg/dL) HDL 46 (reference range: 40-59 mg/dL) LDL 172 (reference range: 0-129 mg/dL) THYROID 1.19 (reference range:...
Yes I think it is. Got anything good? :
Holitzic I think you'd like the book - you should read it. It's a quick read. I think everything you're doing sounds pretty consistent, but I will say it's easier to CC (just like it's easier to AP) a baby or a very young child in this society than an older one. I wish there were books by CC and AP authors who would focus on the REST of childhood (and the teenage years), etc.! I mean, like 9 of the 10 AP things focus on things you do with a baby. After that it's just...
By the way, I just want to say - MDC rocks!!! It's been a while since I've come here for any real advice - guess the little ones are past the sleep/eat/nursing/behavior problems stage and I am just so touched and awed at the response. Incredible info. Thank you everyone! (keep it coming if you've got it! I'm deep-diving into researching this and all the links provided)
I quite all refined sugars (and grains) in January 2007 and aside from a slice of pie at Thanksgiving or dessert when a guest in someone's house or for one of my children's birthdays, I have not strayed. I go months between sugary treats now (or pasta, bread, etc.). My helpful tips: * High glycemic fruits will also set of a sugar/starch binge in me. So I try to avoid bananas, citrus, mango, etc. * The actual physical addition goes away in a few days. But the...
Raw garlic is antiviral and so is exactly what you want to be consuming. You definitely DO want to be boosting your immune system and providing immune support. What you don't want to do is take things that specifically enhance cytokine production, such as honey or chocolate. Just because it boosts your immune system (which is a very broad term) doesn't mean it increases cytokine production. Hope that helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrose_lee Hey! I'm looking for everyone's thoughts on babies (ds is 5 months) and small pieces/toys. What is everyone's experience with this? Ds1 is 3.5 so we have some smaller toys around now. Is anyone really concerned with baby choking on a small object? There must be some reason for concern or else people wouldn't worry about it? Can I hear thoughts on the safety of letting babies have smaller toys...
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