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I completely agree. It's stupid policy like this- really two shots in 24 hrs? - That makes people question the rest of it.I appreciate you mentioning the titres after one shot- we are doing this as well. Curious do you worry about mumps immunity? Most likely the measles portion has been effective but mumps isn't as high after one shot.
And not a study re: Quebec outbreak. Just hypothesis. http://m.huffpost.com/ca/entry/4134150
Those are really interesting articles. I like articles that make me feel better about my choice to vaccinate ( except that Paul Offits name is main reference in the delayed vaccination and he has a lot of controversy surrounding him. Not sure I can trust anything he says related to vaccines) I also feel I delayed the mmr shot a little too late with my 9 yr old due to arthritis risk associated with older kids What I feel can't be discounted is the issue that we don't...
Sorry for the lack of direction in my post. Thinking out loud. Cochrane review of almost 17 million children in studies dating up to 2011 concluded safety design and outcomes for MMR vaccine are "largely inadequate". I understand negative outcomes from disease probably outweigh serious adverse effects of the vaccine but its not a risk-free shot and we evidently don't know exactly how risky it is. I know they are doing their best (health system and parents) to keep the...
We are experiencing a measles outbreak in this developed area of the world. While I understand the fear and don't judge ANY parental decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate, I am concerned about the hundreds of babies 6 months to a year getting vaccinated with their first MMR. They will then get their second at 12 months and a third at 2 years. It just all seems a little crazy.
I have tried the " yes, you can watch cartoons after..." But my son sees right through that, " I hate adults" " your not the boss!" I sure get tired of hearing that. Hope we can turn things around with better boundaries and firmer "no's".
This is all so helpful. I have been in the habit of saying no first and then negotiating. I need to change my thinking around and think first if it is a no or not. No wonder kids get confused. Then when they whine and complain I tell them " I can't talk to you or help you out if you speak to me that way" not realizing my son is too immature to handle that. For that matter they would probably all appreciate more solid input from me. I will also warn them once about acting...
Also Linda we had moved three months before this post and it is getting a little better. I love the last part of your reply. She is likely picking up on my vibes to some extent.
I'm embarrassed it took so long to read this. I forgot about it and just came back now. The insights you all gave are so wise. Thanks very much. She is nine years old and starting to develop breasts ( ever so slightly) so maybe it is the age Appropriate puberty thing. Thanks for giving me confidence to keep enabling her own strength.
I almost feel like we need a psychologist to help. What will happen when my son gets to the age of autonomy- will he be an anarchist?? Despite giving him choices as much as possible and negotiating as often as we can he refuses to hear the word "no" or be stopped from his plans. We often have to send him to his room to cool down because of the yelling and carrying on. We have three other kids. My son is behind in his emotional intelligence. I don't know what to do. It's...
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