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I had a friend do this constantly! I could understand a once in awhile thing for really important discipline issues but not on a regular basis. Rude.    That being said- age of kid matters. Situation matters. 
We are not under the law anymore but under grace.    "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"   Eating placenta doesn`t seem like it would be contrary to these greatest commandments. I am going to eat mine guilt-free :)
This has been motivating to dd too, I think. Even with all the day-dreaming (and missing the second week for illness) she seems to be catching up pretty fast. She isn't allowed to work on her fun goals apparently until her "binder work"  is done so maybe this has helped her get caught up. I'm a big fan of day-dreaming though :)  
I love how my son is so different from dd's. It's a fun contrast. Partly in the fact that he loves to conquer and protect. I don't let him shoot towards people with his guns/would probably get him to stop the doll thing,  but I actually really see the value underneath the pretend violence. That being said- we have virtually zero exposure to real guns or gun violence in this area of the world. If that were different I would probably disallow gun-play in our house also.
Are you equating gently discipline with no consequences? I realize Mcdonalds was a consequence but what about after he hit you?  
It seems I wasn't clear in my OP but I wasn't asking the teacher about how well DD was doing. I was asking her when the first parent/teacher meetings are- no mention of "how is dd doing?".  I can understand why she jumped to dd's performance but I will stop/delay the conversation until DD isn't present next time.    Anyway, dd seems to be doing fine-  she needs to get caught up in her "binder work" at school which is mostly writing and she is really getting close to being...
I have had 3 births and almost due with fourth. I am FREAKING out about the head crowning. I can handle up to transition and then I feel like I am losing control due to pain and other factors. I hate the fact that I have to go through the fire. There is no other way. This baby will be born and it will hurt. A lot. I so wish could fast forward to the shoulders coming out and the relief from pain.    I have never been this anxious but my GP said it is really common for...
Hey :)   I have no idea! what makes this work- it isn't advertised for labor but I am quite smell sensitive in my pregnancies and I just happened to try it 2 pregnancies ago and it completely lowered the level of pain. My sister who is less smell-sensitive had the same effect. I wonder if it is this particular oil or if another would close the pain-gate too.  I have had mine for over two years and I still have enough to get me through this last pregnancy. My two yr old...
Anyone else use this in labor? I love love love it in late pregnancy and when I sniff it during contractions (before transition- nothing helps transition!) the pain of the contractions goes way down to almost nothing. I think I will diffuse it in oil this time and get my DH to massage me while I sniff it :)
I had asked when we would have our first meeting and she brought this up. I realized today it is more than using the word "deficit" in front of dd, it is comparing her to her classmates in a negative way. I am not used to comparing her skills to other kids and, as a competitive person, it awakens the panic and anxiety in me that there is something wrong with her when I know, as her mother, that she is, and will be, progressing just fine along her own timetable....
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