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  I know- it is all so situation-based. You obviously did the right thing for your child while I have tried to do the same for my DS and met with extreme resistance and anxiety. The article's generalization that the parents are to blame in most cases is maddening because each kid is so different. I want independence for my DS  but have discovered that, in his case, it can't be bribed,pushed, cajoled along.   
 Big hugs and prayers to you guys. I couldn't imagine the panic you must feel.
Just wanted to say that my oldest has been complaining of stomach pains for years (she is 7) off and on. Almost always related to needing to urinate. Sometimes nothing seemingly. I did ask her GP and he really wasn't concerned because the discomfort is fleeting, unpredictable, not causing a lot of distress and is not getting worse or more consistent with time and wasn't accompanied by any other signs and symptoms. Her complaints seem to be lessening in frequency with age. 
  "Biology or not, family psychologist and syndicated columnist John Rosemond said he believes parents almost always  play a significant role in the problem. "When you find a child of school age, kindergarten, first grade, it is almost always associated with parents and  specifically a mother who has had difficulty separating from the child from day one," he said"   http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2010-08-14-school-anxiety_N.htm     My defensive...
I am not a teacher but I know a couple excellent teachers. They probably make minimum wage with all the extra time they put into their jobs. My one friend started sending her kids to daycare  at the beginning of August to give her enough time to prep for the school year. I would say most great teachers use at least half of their "vacation" time preparing for school.    Also - the same teachers I know dip into their pocket on a regular basis to buy fun crafts and supplies...
Sounds awful to me but I would worry incessantly about future finances. Also super-young kids in an RV for two years sounds like torture. There is a very real possibility that it would have a negative impact on your relationship with DH. Sounds like he is romanticizing the escape of two years on the road.    
    That's what people are telling me- I was assertive throughout crazy conversation and she ended it rather pleasantly. Isn't that what bullies do when you don't back down to them? She tried crying about it all in the first meeting we had (big long story about how she bought the land for that view because of Grandpa so-and-so) and then she was still all worked up when we offered to move it over a few feet so she could see that particular view. What they want is the...
I know!  We were willing to keep the trees out of their "view" line but with the craziness we have pretty much decided that we will be planting the trees wherever it suits us. I would not be surprised if the trees mysteriously died. Or maybe I am being paranoid.
Thanks- I don't blame them for being mad just for taking out their anger on us. I would be disappointed too but would have expected that someone would build up on the slope rather than the flood plain below. We have pretty good county rules here- called the county and they said the neighbors have no right to tell us where to build on our own land.
This is our perspective. Beautiful land for the price we got this for is hard to find around here. We are planning to put up better boundaries. I asked her three times in the course of the crazy conversation why she didn't buy it first- lied to my first question and I called her on the lie, then she had no answer the next couple times. I know the answer- her land was 35,000 cheaper than ours.   
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