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  My husband, myself, and my daughter at our Wedding ; ) 
    My 5 year old checking on her new siblings heart beat at our Midwife appointment yesterday!
DD is 15 months and still no friend, I just celebrated 2 years of not having it!
I left dd overnight when she was just 3 months. It was only for 1 night, we were going out of town to DH's Christmas party, which all accomadations were paid for by his company, and we were very much in need of time alone together. We left her with his parents and everything was fine. I do not feel guilty and you shouldn't either if you decide to go. You need to remember to take care of your self and take time for your self to regroup, you will be a much happier mommy by...
So I guess I belong...Start A&P Monday and taking CNA classes at the same time in case I don't get into Nursing School right away...wish me luck I need it with a full schedule and an almost 1 year old dd (2 weeks, yikes) and dp away Monday-Thurs!!!! AHHHHHH! What am I thinking? :
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